Surprise! Happy Birthday! Again.
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Well, well, well… What have we here?
You've managed to survive yet another year?
A year of work, of screaming children,
A year of delving into things unbidden.
Oh? What's that? We shouldn't know?
All those terrible things you didn't show?
Of course we do. We are your friends.
Confidants. Allies. And more again.
We know the stories, even those you don't tell.
You see Gears… You give us our visions of hell.

Happy Birthday, oh Leader of men. We come to you again. Bearing tales. Tales of the third side of the mirror. Tales of the taste of the air when a child is screaming in sorrow. Happy tales. Sad tales. Tales of games that eat your mind. Tales of books that give you a black brilliance, the kind that gives answers, but only the kind without comfort. Tales of the song you hear when you sleep, but not when you wake again. Tales of the righteous throne of terrible glory. Tales about tales. Tales about you. Tales about us.

Some of them are even true.
Happy birthday…! And many more.

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