Supposedly Spooky's Sanity Sabotage
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This page is under heavy construction, because I like construction.

My babies, my little infantile insects even.

Pelicans Three, AKA SCP-5807
My first and unnecessarily long SCP about three cool pelicans that deal with the concept of loss.1

And He Rose Again With a Third Leg, AKA SCP-5339
This one is about a malformed child who was not murdered by his mother.

Your Indoor Neighbor, AKA SCP-5622
I don't like this one.

My pride, my joy, my mass collection of skin animated to preserve the souls of its victims inside a living hull.

Diseases of the Skin, AKA SCP-6107
Some people are born with their skin missing. Sometimes it grows over every orifice so they cannot breathe or eat without carving holes in it, and it's not their fault; it's just a sad part of life.

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