SunnyClockwork's Artwork - Personnel
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The following is a collection of SunnyClockwork's artwork.

O5 Council

O5-1 - The Founder

O5-2 - The Nazarene

O5-7 - Teeth

O5-12 - The Physician 01

O5-12 - The Physician 02

O5-13 - Death

The Administrator

Dr. Bright

Dr. Clef 1

Dr. Clef 2


David Rosen

D.C. al Fine

Draven Kondraki + James & Researcher Talloran

Dr. Gears 1

Dr. Gears 2

Dr. Gears 3

Dr. Gears 4

Dr. Gears 5

Dr. Gerald

Dr. Glass

Dr. Iceberg 1

Dr. Iceberg 2

Dr. Iceberg 3

Dr. Iceberg - Calm (MS Paint)

Kain Pathos Crow

Dr. King

Dr. Kondraki

King of the Butterflies 1

King of the Butterflies 2

King of the Butterflies 3

Dr. Mann

Dr. Photosynthetic



Dr. Ralph Roget and Director Shirley Gillespie

Hands of Gears and Iceberg

Gears & Iceberg - Flesh and Metal

Profile - Dr. Bright

Profile - Dr. Clef

Profile - Dr. Gears

Profile - Dr. Iceberg

Profile - Dr. King

Profile - Dr. Kondraki

Shattered - Dr. Bright

Shattered - Dr. Clef

Shattered - Dr. Gears

Shattered - Dr. Gerald

Shattered - Dr. Glass

Shattered - Dr. Iceberg

Shattered - Dr. King

Shattered - Dr. Kondraki

Shattered - Dr. Light

Shattered - Dr. Rights

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