An Agent, A Cadet, A D-Class and A Janitor Walk Into The Sunlight.
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Team Surviving Delta moved across the barren wasteland looking for any survivors. The unimaginable happened: The end of the world. Yet, that was yesterday's news. There was no time to dwell on that. Team Surviving Delta was on a mission. They each had gathered a suit of full body kevlar, three rifles, and armored helmets from the armory of Site-38.

“Okay Lads.”

Krona Midaeus looked over her team.

“We are on a crucial mission everyone, so listen up.”

“Shut it, lady, we all got the memo.”

Kody slung his baseball bat over his shoulder before he was shoved to the ground by Dylan.

“Show some respect D-Class. Krona’s the team commander whether you like it or not.”

Cracking his knuckles as he stood up, Kody quickly backed down as three rifles were pointed at his head.

“We should have left your sorry ass back at that convey crash, you good for nothing piece of…”


Everyone looked over going silent.

“Thank you, Frank. Anyway…as I was saying. We’re on a crucial mission. To our knowledge Site-19 is 318 miles from here. We need to work together, despite our differences if we want to survive. That means no quarrels, no disagreements, we all have to see eye to eye to ensure all of our survival.”

The rest of team Surviving Delta gave a quick nod.

“Inspiring speech Krona.”

“Says the group’s janitor”

Sighing, Dylan put his hand up to his visor.

“You gotta be kidding me D-Class…did you not hear what she just said?”

Raising a hand into the air showing no hostile action, Kody sighed.

“Fine! Fine. I get it, no quarrels.

“Fantastic. Since we’ve gotten that settled, let’s move out.”

Team Surviving Delta made their way out of the cover of their convoy under the overpass.

“Stick closer together, this formation is weak.”

“Screw your formation, I’m the one that’s stuck in front.”

“Kody, please calm down.”

“Calm down? You want me to bloody calm down? The whole world is dead, from the goddamn sun! And you the bloody crippled janitor wants me to calm…”

A loud echo pierces the silence as smoke rolls off the muzzle of Dylan’s rifle. Frank and Krona stare at Dylan in utter silence.

“What? The D-Class was going to get us killed, did you really want to travel with a convicted rapist?”

“We needed to listen to Krona….having no quarrels….”

Loud howling quickly snapped each of them back to focus.

“The hell?”

“Oh, dear…that doesn’t sound good.”

“We need to find some cover and fast!”

“The crashed convoy?”

“No old man, that’s too far away in the opposite direction, Krona you got the map, is there anything apart from the overpass in the area?”

“Uh, let me check…. There is a gas station just up the road, a couple of minutes sprint.”

The sounds of howling grew ever closer as team Surviving Delta started to sprint from out of the underpass. Dylan, slinging his rifle over his shoulder picked up Frank, sprinting right beside Krona.

“There, just up ahead!”

Krona pointed up ahead to the gas station.

“I don’t see any oozes so far, do you two?”

“Just focus, on running Dylan, I’ll be your lookout.”

Keeping his arm tight around Dylan’s neck Frank kept Scanning the area as Dylan kept carrying him.

“There is a pack of shaggy dogs gaining on us!”

“What? HOW? We’re in the sunlight.”

Making the mistake of looking back, Krona tripped over herself falling to the pavement. Dylan slowed down, looking back to make sure she was all right.

The pack of shaggy dogs was closing in quickly. Krona quickly got to her knee drawing his pistol as she let empty her clip.

“Krona come on! There is too many.”

Realizing the depths of the situation, Krona quickly got back to her feet and followed Dylan towards the gas station

Sitting Frank down just outside the gas station door, Dylan wasted no time kicking it inwards.

“Get in, get in”

Motioning for Krona and Frank to enter as the pack of shaggy dogs closed the gap. Dylan followed right behind his teammates as they took no time starting to barricade the door.
Hearing a loud growl from within the confines of the gas station each member of team Surviving Delta quickly grabbed their rifle.

Putting a finger up to his visor, Dylan motioned for everyone to be silent.

Several of the wild dogs from the pack come bolting through one of the side rooms.

Team Surviving Delta let loose a load of lead into the pack of dogs. Within minutes the ground was littered with the corpse of wild pack.

Dylan bent down kneeling over one of them.

“Huh, it appears they were able to survive in the sunlight since they are covered head to toe in hair."

Frank slumped to the floor.

“Ugh, I don’t how much more of this I can take, you two…should go on without me, I’ll just end up slowing you both down.”

“Nonsense, you’re coming with us Frank, we’re getting to Site-19 together!”

“Krona’s right, I’ll carry you the whole way if I have too.”

More howling can be heard in the distance.

“Fucking hell, how many god damn shaggy dogs are in this city!”

Loading another magazine into his rifle, Dylan walks further into the gas station.

“Dylan, we can’t waste our ammunition on dogs, we either have to find a better way to deal with them or find better cover.”

Peeking into the hallway, Dylan quickly ran back to the group.

“We can’t stay here. An entire wall is missing in the back, this place is hardly any better than being out in the open.”

“Where can we go? We’re on an overpass, a few good miles from the nearest city.”

“We’ll just have to run it then, Krona.”

“You two have to go on without me, I can’t run, and I would just slow you both down.”

“Nonsense, I won’t allow this.”

Bending down Dylan carefully picked up Frank again.

“Dylan… You don’t have to do this for an old timer like me.”

“I’m not having it, Frank, get the door Krona, we’re going to make it to the city, hopefully, we can find a working car.”

Giving a quick nod, Krona starts to remove the barricade they made. They all quickly exit the gas station making their way to the city.

More howling could be heard.

“Hell that sounded way closer than last time.”

“Not fucking possible, there is a pack already behind us!”

Sitting Frank down, each of them started to open fire into the advancing pack.

“I’m down to my last magazine!”

“There is some behind us even!”

As the pack of shaggy dogs made advancements on team Surviving delta. The ground stained crimson from the corpse. Each of them running out of ammo, began to beat and bash at the dogs with the butt of their rifle.

Hearing a cry of pain, Frank and Krona witnessed as Dylan fell to the ground as several dogs attacked, and tore his pant legs, exposing his skin to the sunlight.

Before Krona could even call out to her fallen comrade, she watched as Frank was tackled to the ground by multiple dogs.

Attempting to make her way over to him, Krona was tripped onto her back as a dog pounced on her chest. The dog proceeded to lick her visor. Krona stared at the dog in confusion.

Feeling the wet lick on her face through her visor, Krona slowly woke up in her room blinded from the sunlight coming in from her window. She started to giggle as her newfound puppy laid on her chest licking her face.

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