Stuck in the Past
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“Mr. Krain?”

I turned around and stared at an unfamiliar face. This couldn’t be happening; I needed more time. I stole the aluminum foil from the broken cabinet, grabbed the sweater that I repurposed into a bag, and made a dash for the fridge. All I just needed to grab now was the-

“Mr. Krain, this is a restricted area.”

I flung open the fridge and stuffed as many bottles of wine into my makeshift bag as it could fit. Now I just needed to get to the stall before they called for backup. I looked around the room for something to fend off the assailant as she raised a device to her mouth.

“Please send security to the storage room in the cafeteria. Connor has broken in and appears to be having an episode.”

I grabbed the empty knife block and chucked it at her head, knocking her out cold. I picked up my bag and made my way to the stall. I could already hear the patter of backup arriving at the storage room as I entered the bathroom and locked the door.

I was already onto my third bottle by the time the door started pounding. I had lined the stall with as much aluminum foil as I could, but I knew it wouldn’t hold. I could only hope that I’d black out before a dangerous memory returned.

I was having trouble seeing by the time I heard them begin to drill through the door. “Stop, if you breach this room you’ll risk coming in contact with an… an infohazard that c-”

“Mr. Krain, that’s not a real thing. None of what you are scared about is real. Those are all just stories from when you were young. You were a writer once upon a time, and you wrote all these fantastical stories.”

“No, you don’t understand. The amnestics… my memories are coming back. I need… I need to stop them.”

My vision was getting blurry and I couldn’t stand, but they were almost through the door. I managed to gulp down one last mouthful before the door fell and they stormed the room. Five armed guards apprehended me while a woman watched from the doorway. I tried to speak, but the darkness swallowed up my vision.

Following a patient’s third episode this month, staff have been reminded that under no circumstance are they to interact with a patient after curfew without the presence of two armed guards. Additional cameras have been installed in all staff rooms and corridors, and at least one security personnel will be monitoring them at all times. We thank you for your service.

- Senior Care Providers Nursing Home

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