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"Alright that's a wrap! Time for lunch. You all can pick up your meal vouchers from the sound crew. Catering should be ready by now." He pointed towards one of the crewmembers, "Terry, can you get these sheets washed and grab new ones for the next scene? Thanks."

The director shuffled out of his seat as the cast members and crew shuffled off the set, which was merely a semi-secluded Airbnb for the weekend. The place was decent for what they needed for shots. A washer and dryer, lots of open floor space, spare linens, but had an atrocious green wallpaper in the bedroom. Victor did not have a very significant career in his 16 years of directing porn. The internet pretty much flooded the market and like all directors, slash producers, slash actors, slash web masters of the porn industry he had to try to strike in a very niche fetish to peddle around as paid content.

Really, the trick nowadays was to find the next big thing and ride the gravy train as long as possible. Whether it was some new fetish or actor or different media, people will pay through the nose on content that enhances their little play sessions in ways they weren't even aware of. Then it was just a matter of having a monopoly on that content for as long as possible. Victor longed to set that next trend and has had some moderate success blending in his work with a sci-fi theme. Although he was still kicking himself over not pursuing POV stuff when he thought of it back in 2007.

He was the last out of the house as people lined up by the table serving greasy tacos. He pulled out his phone to text his partner.

Just wrapped scene 5. We'll get ready and do the finale after lunch. You'll be around to edit everything tomorrow right?

He put the phone down, grabbed a paper plate, and stood in line. In front of him was a tall brunette woman wearing a latex miniskirt and tube top. Although attractive, her figure was not what grabbed Victor's attention but the fact that her paper plate was about to fold from the sheer weight of soggy beef and pork enchiladas she was piling on. All topped with a hefty dollop of sour cream.

"You, uh… you know you don't need to do that."

The woman turned around with a confused look. "Do what now?"

"Eat all that and then… you know… " Victor motioned by putting his index finger in his mouth.

Her brows furrowed a little as she deposited a handful of dollars into the catering tip jar. "I'm not bulimic."

He nodded calmly. "I direct porn. I don't judge. I'm just saying you don't need to. You look great."

She crooked her expression and made path towards an empty folding chair. "I just have a big appetite, excuse me." She sat down with her plate on her lap, but wobbled a little as one of the chair legs suddenly buckled inward very slightly. These were just cheap chairs that the caterer provided afterall.

Now Victor felt bad. He didn't have many feelings left, but guilt was one he couldn't drop easily. He sighed and took the seat next to her. "I'm very sorry. I'm a jerk. I meant no insult. Actually I'll be really impressed if you can put all that away and still do the next scene without burping."

She chuckled a little with her mouth full. After swallowing and dabbing the grease from her lips, she introduced herself. "I'm Jessica."

"Victor. I have to say I have met most of the actresses in the Quebec area. You new?"

"More or less. I'm not from here originally."

Victor nodded and ate one of his two chicken tacos. He looked at her plate and noticed that Mt. Slop was already half eaten. Victor's curiosity about this woman continued into his third bite, "Have you been working long?"

She swallowed again before speaking, "This is actually my first time on video. I thought I would be nervous but the cast has been really nice to me."

Victor looked at the other crew and cast members at an adjacent table. "I know most of them and they are a good bunch. I think Damien referred you right?"

By now, she was cleaning up her plate and looking at the line for seconds. "He and I are good friends now. I was worried about him for a while, but he seems to be doing real well since we met."

"Yeah… I have noticed that he's… well… a lot better. He doesn't look tired or irritable. And he's wearing short sleeves. That's a good sign I'd say. Honestly, I can't tell you how many times I had to talk to him about his drug use. Whatever you're doing for him, keep it up."

"I just listened to him. Excuse me." And with that she got up for seconds. Victor was a little taken back about how such a sweet woman wound up working on his set. It was rare to find but not unheard of. Actually, it was rather refreshing, he thought.

An hour passed and the crew was set up for the final scene. Jessica was to co-star with Damien in this one. They both walked away from the elderly woman in charge of makeup and hair, sat on the bed, and awaited for instructions while dressed in their respective costumes.

"Damien, Jessica. You only have a few lines, but I want Jessica to take charge in the beginning of this scene. That alright?"

They both nodded, then looked at each other and smiled. Victor slouched in his chair next to the camera man and nodded back. "Ok then. Roll. Action."

The scene played out as expected. There were some minor lines of dialogue before the action started. Victor took note that they had a good chemistry on set. Still he could not let go of the urge to micro-manage the scene from his chair. "Little more tongue, Damien."

It was at this moment that he heard the faint rattle of camera equipment next to him. Victor looked over and noticed that his camera man's hand was shaking and he was sweating bullets. He leaned in to whisper sternly. "What's the matter with you? You having a stroke? Quit fucking up the shot."

The camera man regained his composure and tried to speak, but no words. Victor glanced back at the set. "Damien, you don't need to suck, it's making too much noise. On second thought just keep doing what you're doing, we'll edit it out. Jessica, can you get a little more… yeah that's it. Hold him down. Higher please? Yes, perfect."

The camera man's words finally crawled out of his throat. "I-I-I-I d-don't know what's g-g-going on, Vic." Victor, clearly annoyed and bordering on pissed, looked back at him. "Just film the fucking shot, Walter. Don't get squeamish on me."

Walter looked back into the camera and mumbled. "…holy mother of god…"

Victor pulled the camera away from Walter. "Just go outside. I'll shoot." Walter simply nodded, looked at Jessica, and sulked out the door. Victor tried to think clearly over the howling moans on set. He took a deep breath and got back to work, pushing the tripod a little closer. "Sorry about that, both of you just keep going. Damien, the nipples… there you go. Looks great."

Victor looked at the camera to make sure his angle was right, but when he looked at the small LCD screen, the blood from his face suddenly drained out. Several times, he had to look at the camera screen and then back at Jessica. A few times she even looked back to make eye contact with him. Victor was frozen with a rush of haunting and confusing emotions. The oblivious cast and crew looked around confused, expecting a cue from their director. The other two actors stood offset in their costumes and tried to motion towards him. "Vic, is it our time to come in or…"

"Shut up, Alex!" He barked back. Victor knew an opportunity when he saw one and he wasn't about to let another slip out of his hands. He sat there silently for the next twenty minutes filming the scene.

When they finished, the cast and crew looked back at Victor. His face was pale and he sat in shock for a good ten seconds before speaking. "Y-yeah. That's a wrap for today. We'll end early." Before anyone had a chance to put underwear back on, he was out the door with the camera and tripod. A brisk walk to his car later he whipped out the SD card to the camera and opened up his laptop to write a quick email.

From: Fournier, Victor (CAN) <>
Sent: Wednesday, March 03, 2010 1:41 PM
To: Bailey, Christopher (US) <>
Subject: Get this to editing ASAP

Dude, I have some amazing footage! Don't ask how I shot it. Just start editing it and get it on the website, I'll explain later after the flight. DON'T TELL ANYONE!

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