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I’ve got a list of ideas and it just keeps growing… So why not just make them into SCP’s/Tales? Hiyo! I'm Strange MatterStrange Matter and welcome to my author’s page! Where my stories are good (so I'm told) but my grammar is ass (also I've been told). I even got myself an art hub in case you wanna check it out!

So here are the things I’ve made. My hope is that I will improve.

SCP-6283 — The Blood Brother

[+36] (5 comments)

SCP-6631 — The Korto Stone

[+3] (11 comments)

SCP-7490 — Have Faith, and Take Some Chances — Placed at #113 for the 7K Contest

[+5] (13 comments)

I may not be an expert, but if anyone wants me to look at your draft, hit me up on Wikidot!

Thanks for stopping by, and take care now! 👋🌟

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