Story To Be Named Later
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Video Footage Taken From Incident Chimera

Footage begins, showing two pairs of feet. A voice can be heard, identified as Chadwick Wentworth, referred to here as X-1. Second subject, Peter Frans, referred to as X-2, is not heard from at this time.

X-1: No, no Pete, my face, Pete, my face! God damn it Pete, if you're going to be my minion, you gotta do what I tell you! My FACE Pete!

Camera angle tilts upwards, revealing subject X-1. Subjects face is covered in inexpertly applied white make up, with heavy mascara around the eyes, and black lipstick. Subject is thin to the point of emaciation, with long, greasy, dyed black, hair. Subject is dressed in black knee-high leather boots with a five-inch platform heel, black pants covered in chains, a black silk shirt, and a black cloak, with red undertones. X-1 looks at the camera, and smiles.

X-1: There, there, much better… now hit record… RECORD, Pete god damn it man, why did I even make you my minion? Hit the red but-
There is a jump in the film. Camera is now centered on Subject X-1.

X-1: -make sure it's fucking record- Shit! Ahem. Good evening, dear mortals, and welcome. For I am Azarael Astoroth, Archduke of the Seventh Layer, and soon, you shall all KNEEL before me! For, in my deals with the devil, I have gained life everlasting! And not only am I now a totally awesome and wicked vampire…

X-1 gestures around himself, in an attempt to indicate the fading twilight he stands in.

X-1: But I can stand in sunlight without fucking sparkling! That's right! I may have gone into the grave, but I came back, with a thirst for your blood! And I shall rule you all, all of you! Especially you, Mark Olsen! That's right, I bet you're all sad and shit now, oh no, big bad vampire gonna come for me, I'm gonna drink your fucking blood! In fact, I'm gonna go do that, right now! Come on Pete! No, ignore the old man, come with me!

Subjects begin moving, out of the shaded spot they were in, and down a wooded path. Subject X-2 is slower than subject X-1, despite X-1's continued exhortations for him to keep up. Subjects approach a modest ranch in what appears to be a well-to-do suburb on the edge of the woods. X-1 begins making what are best described as 'spooky' sounds, outside the rear window.
Subject X-3, identified as Mark Olsen, comes out the back door, holding a baseball bat. Subject is broad, and well muscled, dressed in only boxers and a varsity jacket. Subject appears enraged.

X-3: What the fuck dude, what the fuck? You gay little faggots wanna fuck with me some more, huh? You wanna go? Come on! I'll fucking kill you limp wristed pansies!

X-3 takes a swing at X-1. X-1 places his hand in the way. There is a crunch, as X-1's fingers break. X-1 laughs.

X-1: You cannot kill the undead, you punk!

X-3 stares in apparent shock, then drops his bat. X-1 bends his fingers back into place with a clicking sound.

X-3: Chad? Chad, you're dead man, you're dead! They fucking buried you man!
X-1: And now I am back. And you… you are going to pay!

X-1 throws himself at X-3. There is a tangle of limbs, with X-3 maintaining the upper hand until X-1 begins to bite him. X-3 begins screaming, as X-1 devours him alive, ripping off huge gobs of flesh with both hands and teeth. The camera view drops to the ground, and for roughly ten minutes, it tapes the forest, while the sound of crying and animalisitic growling can be heard.
The video cuts again.
We now see a very bloody X-1, standing at the back door of another house. He is trying wipe his face clean of the blood.

X-1: Stay focused on my face Pete! Ahem. AHAHAAHAH! Now you mortals see what happens if you mess with me!

X-1 shakes his finger at the camera. The finger drops off. He scowls and picks it back up. The tape cuts, and when it comes back, we see the finger has been put back on with electrical tape.

X-1: You see what can be done, with my great powers! I am a lord of the undead…and now, now I claim my bride!

X-1 turns to the door, and opens it. He sneaks down a long hallway and goes down approximately 13 stairs. At the bottom of the stairs is a small room, a couch, and a television. On the couch a pale, thin girl, dressed all in black. She is identified as Alison Hargreaves, X-4. She turns her head at the sound of X-1, and then falls off the couch.

X-1: Dame Lilian, I have returned for you my love!
X-4: Cha- Azrael! You came back!
X-1: I told you it would work my queen! And now, I shall make you mine! For ours is a love that shall span the ages and-
X-4: You're covered in blood.

X-1 moves closer to X-4. She scoots away from him.

X-1: I just had to take care of someone who had taken something of mine.
X-4: You killed someone? No, we weren't supposed to do… Who did you kill? It was Mark, wasn't it?
X-1: It does not matter my love, he can not make you eternal, he-

X-4 throws a lamp at X-1, striking him in the chest.

X-4: I LOVE HIM! You ASSHOLE! Undead and you still can't get it that…

X-4 pauses, and lowers the statue she had picked up.

X-4: Then do it. But know that, for eternity, I will hate you.

X-1 approaches the girl, and turns her back to him. We see his mouth open, unhinging like a snake. Five sets of needle-like teeth emerge from his lips, and he sinks them into X-4. A loud slurping sound can be heard on the audio. X-4 screams and slumps against him. X-1 lowers her to the floor, and gazes down at her, before speaking softly.

X-1: I did love you. More than he did.

There is a loud pounding from off-screen.

X-1: Shit, someones at the door. Pete! You watch her, I'll get the door.

X-1 storms off-screen. The camera remains on X-4 for a moment, before it is set down. A hooded shape walks on-screen, Subject X-2. He speaks in a low mutter.

X-2: Face.

X-2 bends over X-4, his hood falling back. X-2 is in an extreme state of decomposition, the flesh rotting from his head, his skull showing through in places.

X-2: Face.

X-2 widens his jaw, revealing all his teeth are needle-like. He begins to chew the flesh from X-4's face, ripping gobbets of flesh from her throat with his clawed hands.

X-2: Face.

The low battery light flashes, and the tape ends.

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