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Name: J1-13 (Henrik Sturmatem)

Position: Janitor Overseer Council

Background: Nobody is quite sure when J1-13 first started working for the Foundation, with some rumoring that he's been around longer than the Administrator. These personnel are, of course, reminded that the Administrator doesn't actually exist and that J1-13 likely started working before the Great RAISA Fire of '94, which destroyed almost all records of Level 0 staff.

J1-13 has served without major distinction as a Foundation janitor, cleaning a large collection of random anomalies. J1-13 has shown the marked ability to not die after at least twenty years working with the Foundation, having been involved in ███ containment breaches, the majority of which involved him cowering under a table and repeatedly muttering "I went to law school for this?"

As a result of having been employed by the Foundation for an exceptionally long period of time for a janitor, Henrik Sturmatem was promoted to the J1 Council as J1-13, giving him full Level 1 Clearance.1 This does not absolve him of any cleaning duties.

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