The problems with this solution:

  • Bright's Proposal will need to be renamed to be Bright's Proposal
  • Ouroborous will need to be redone in some way, but I'm unsure the specifics just yet.
  • This will add the word "Proposal" to every line.
  • Palisade will go from "weizhong|thedeadlymoose|Drewbear|Dexanote" to "WMDD"
  • This can't list both Arbelict and the other translated 001s at the same time.
  • The 001 tag will need to be removed from /ouroboros
    • We could make a hidden tag, applied to the -INT 001s not on the hub and /ouroboros that excludes both of them, and solve both of the above bullet points. (Or to djkaktus's individual proposal pages, if he prefers that).
    • It would need to be renamed or a further CSS solution worked out, but I think this is possible.
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