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SCP-5084 - This sucks.

SCP-5063 - Technically a collab with SebarusSebarus, but they did 99% of it, I only did the conprocs.

A Sympathetic Thorn in the Side of the Bookburners - Technically not a collab, but GreyveGreyve wrote and revised a large portion of this.

SCP-6309 - I like ending things on a good note.

thank you

I have so many ideas that, for the sake of my wellbeing, I won’t be able to write. If anyone feels like using any of these, I’d be fine with that:

• The Factory owns SCP-2000 and is using it to create workers. They genetically modify them to make them more suited to certain tasks, like creating people with multiple arms. (Unfounded canon)

• Prometheus Labs owns SCP-2935 and is using it as a giant fridge for Ambrose Restaurants since food can’t rot in there. (Unfounded canon)

• Frustrated anartist can’t create good art, and feels as if they’d be better off in life if they didn’t have to produce anything and lived as an outside observer. They become Nobody.

• Pile of garbage in the middle of the Mohave desert that can’t stop being described once you start describing it. For the sake of their mental health, the describers split up amongst themselves to add new interesting objects to the pile to describe.

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