Stones Can Break My Bones. But Words Can Never Hurt Me.
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Leaving the walls of stone.
Long mazes of metal.
Headaches from the noise above.

Twisted out of proportion.
Painting the floor crimson.
Their orange clothes were torn.

Dazed and disoriented.
The noises were no assistance.
Caused pain to the skull.

No one could hold the lease.
Not for even a second.
The Chaos was everywhere.

Safe, Euclid, Keter.
It didn’t matter.
They were all going to be gone.

Guards, taking a nap.
Painting the floor crimson.

Staff members were taken.
Never to be seen.
A part of the Chaos now.

Long corridors.
No clear path.
Vision was blurred.

An eternity.
Stumbling down the crimson floor.
Seeing a spark of hope.

Out of the stone walls.
Past the long maze.
A light at the end of a tunnel.

Past the noise.
The Chaos.
And the crimson.

Walking towards the light.
Only to fall short.
To paint the floor with the others.

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