Pendulum Station, Relics of the First Hytoth
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Welcome dear readers, it's me, the Sixth Wandsmen of Aza, and this will be my first publication in a very long time. This article will deviate from the others because I'm not working in my comfortable office. I will have to write this on the go, because I already have my hands full with another report. If I don't write this I'll be missing out on a good article. I hope you enjoy.

I was in the middle of a wormhole a couple of minutes ago, traveling back home from Dunnlas, when I saw it: a tiny light flickering in the void. We Wandsmen get this feeling in our feathers when something is interesting, like getting goosebumps. That's why I threw myself into the abyss, my feathers shaking as I did.

I'm inside of what is commonly called a pocket dimension, which, like most of its kind, is completely dark. The interesting thing is the massive structure floating in the dimension; the structure has the form of a cube without its vertices.

The cube must be several kilometers longs, and has these lines that go all over it. The entrance is where these lines converge. It is a very beautifull view. And now here I am, inside this massive structure in a pocket dimension. To keep it simple, I'll record a message on my WP-3 if I find something.


The inner design is geometrical and I found a room with hundreds of memory servers! Too bad that the ones who can get the information out are not here anymore. And, there is something else… I feel something. The air changes, so I expanded my innate area and saw its tracks. I can feel it watching me.


After wandering for a couple of hours, I've made it to this study chamber filled with various instruments. I'll get back to that later, but first of all, this place is called "Pendulum Station", I read it on a wall and was able to translate it thanks to my Pattern Dweller dictionary. This means that this place was built billions of years ago, during the First Hytoth. But then how- (electrical sound) And lights are gone… I can't even see my hands in this darkness,(Inhales)|Lunia|. Now everything is more-(wind sound)… It has followed me all the time… walking behind me…


After my… unpleasant encounter, I can now continue cataloging. The instrument that most caught my eye is this holographic device, it shows a projection of what I believe to be a map of the First Hytoth multiverse. However, the map seems incomplete in a strange way; I've only ever seen something like this in a 4D simulation. This map may extend to different dimensions beyond our comprehension.

Today, after hours of hard work, I managed to recreate something similar to 4D using a 360° field of view1 and then applying it to the projection. Now I can see places I couldn't see before! It sure had greater importance to the commerce. Some of these planets even seem to have image files!

I should have expected to see what I saw, because of what happened in the First Hytoth. I didn't expect something like this…something so terrible. I saw continents wiped out…heavy breathing) in seconds, (pause) and planets with giant holes through them or completely cut in half. When a massive object strikes another, usually both are destroyed. But to cut cleanly through a planet without destroying it, the speed and the strength needed to do so would be titanic. That was indeed a tragic fate, their homes, countries, planets, all broken. Not knowing where to hide, not having a place to call home…(small sob)… I can't do this…


A few days have passed and, for some reason, I've spent all this time without eating or sleeping, maybe this place is nurturing me? But that doesn't make any sense because-(high-pitched electronic sound)… What was that? And… are those bots? Must be some kind of security system and… they are approaching. Are those things…? Fuck. (Shooting sounds).


Alright… where do I start? Well, I almost got killed by those sentinels, I used my portal Rote2 and cut the bots in half… except for the one behind my back. It was strangling me! Just as I was losing consciousness, something hit the bot with overwhelming strength. It was that thing that followed me when I got here. I could only see its silhouette, it had a straight torso, he moved with tentacles instead of legs and had huge arms that used to tear apart the sentinel before leaving. That thing was there and it wasn't at the same time. I have only seen that in… pattern screamers.


(Exhales) Well, I have entrenched myself inside this room, I'm sure that "it" has already lost interest in me… I hope. The second instrument here is a rolled "parchment". According to my analysis, the parchment is composed of various minerals used in electronics and a cover made of plastic and silicone.

This is absolutely amazing! I've opened it and looking inside, I see all these colors and lights! But I'm still here and…, why does my body look like this? It's all colored. Wait, I think these are my cells, I can see every cell and atom reacting! This must be the Hume levels, probably 2.3.

The effect just faded away and now I can see this parchment clearly. I hypothesize that this was used in microbiology, with an impressive amount of applications to chemistry as well. The parchment is like an electronic terminal with only one archive which says: "Study of the Minthos pathogen", according to the pattern dweller dictionary.

Well, this is definitely deadly, the core signature of Minthos is designed3 to corrupt biological cells, and extremely fast too. Now, let's take a look at the affected…
(Strong cough of disgust) Oh God… (Inhales and exhales) that was… disgusting, imagine someone with all the parts of his body upside down, (pause) having their bodies corrupted and disfigured by the work of others it's truly a… familiar memory. These people were studying the pathogen, so the probabilities that intact samples survived the pass of time are high. This place is as fascinating as it is frightening.


I can still feel that thing behind me, like waiting for the perfect moment to attack me as it did with the sentinel. Every time I look back it's no longer there. This is getting annoying. I have read about all the wandsmens that have fought against the guardians of ancient ruins, if that thing it's looking for a fight then I'll fight to the death, but I'm not leaving without the knowledge I want.


Well (sighs) the last instrument found are these five stones with chemical structures that simply make no sense, really. The first stone is an odd combination of garnet and ruby ​​corundum All the stones have high concentrations of all the components of their chemical formulas4. The other stones also show these high concentrations.

I don't know how to say this but, I can't describe the shape of these stones, they have a definite shape but they just don't look like any other figure, not even a twisted combination of many figures. The ones who made these stones probably studied different geometrical properties to ours5. The stones also have a straight line crossing them, like an opening seal. I've tried everything I can to unlock them: manually, verbally, chemical reactions and… wait, I haven't tried thaumaturgy.

Lets see… nothing, as expected, I'll have to try with- (dry sound) It just opened!- (high pitched screaming sounds) Argh! (Cough) My head! I must clos- (screams increase) That's… it!… ]|[Cheshire]|[ … (dry sound, screams cease).

(Hyperventilating, breathing normalizes after a few seconds) A stone made me use my Rote,and my head is killing me! Luckily I managed to close the stone after I used my portals. Anyway, this has been a… nostalgic experience, that I wouldn't like to repeat. It was like been ripped in pieces, stabbed, exploded, burned; like dying over and over again without feeling pain, a bit more than that and I- I would have probably lost my sanity, going through therapy again it's annoying.

However, I heard something besides the screams, I heard cry and sob, the same type of sob that many of my partners had, the sound that souls make… when hope is lost. I refuse to open the other rocks. I don't recommend it… not unless you want to die, of course.


All those sounds of pain, agony, sadness, and hopelessness… are very close to me. It was so many years…inside that place. The memories of when I laughed with innocence… are hurting me now more than ever. And when I looked at these relics, I could still see clearly Rima's face and how she died from Nalimia. She was only ten years old…


That "thing" just crossed the line! Now I can feel it right in my ear and of course, then it flees from me! Today when I was checking my inventory, I looked up a second and there it was, staring at me. I was able to go back before it tried something, and I can't follow it because it's faster than my portals. I'm leaving before that thing stops playing with me and decides to kill me at once.

Now I understand everything! I understand why I wasn't hungry or tired, how can this place still exists, and the meaning of its name! I just got out, and when I looked at my calendar, not a single day has passed since I walked inside. I know people that can stop time for a couple of minutes using thaumaturgy, but stopping time indefinitely in an area as massive as this, it's simply astonish… It's here. That thing is here looking at me, it's getting closer and moving his hands and fingers, is it thaumaturgy? But… isn't attacking? And now disappeared… Wait a second, it never wanted to hurt me? Now that I think about it, he was always looking at me, studying me, it even saved my life and…
… I'm an idiot


That thing is definitely an unlocated pattern screamer, and since it was unable to speak I will say that… it's probably deaf from birth, and the supposed "thaumaturgy" was probably just sign language. Now I'm going home but I'm definitely coming back, I will talk with some pattern dwellers to take him to civilization, or is it a "her"? Anyway, I whant to thank him/her personaly for all the help. It's good to have brand new knowledge in my pocket…, and a new friend as well.

This place has still soo much to offer, and I haven't stitched all the dots yet so I will give you brothers the location of the Pendulum Station in your maps. Good luck to you all honorable wandsmens.


Aza 6

Originally published in the Wandsmen's Gazette on 18|04|2021

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