Step Right Up!
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"You missed."

"Shut up." Rosen covered his eyes, grunting with disapproval as he surveyed his throw.

Victoria Rockward skipped up to the starting point, grinning like a madman. "It's my toss now, Rosen, and it looks like your lead is slipping."

Rosen shrugged. "You're just getting a lucky streak, is all. If my rings could stop wiggling so much, I'd be hitting every shot just like before."

Victoria locked her eyes onto the post, slowly moving her arm back and forth as she tried to finalize her aim. "They aren't wriggling for me. Maybe they're just repulsed by you."

Before Rosen could respond, she tossed, her ring sailing through the summer breeze. It snagged to the end of the post, briefly twirling around it before settling onto the ground. It began wiggling around, but it stayed in its place.

She lept into the air. "Yesss! That's 8 for me, Rosen. 11 points isn't so secure now, is it?"

"We'll see, we'll see…" Rosen stepped up. "If you'll excuse me, I have a game to win."

Victoria smiled as she surveyed the mass of wiggling rings that now covered the lawn. "Well, that was fun. I gave you a run for your money."

Rosen nodded. "It was, actually. I haven't had this much fun since lawn darts got banned." he turned back to her, picking up their pieces. "Play again?"

Memorandum to Foundation personnel: Use of SCP-2584 is a privilege, not a right. Any future occurrences of 'Ouroboros ring toss' played with research specimens will result in severe penalties. - Director Fulton

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