SpookyPizza's Organized Stupidity
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Item #: SpookyPizza

Object Class: ???

Special Containment Procedures: SpookyPizza is to be confined in her apartment (It's not like I'm going to leave it or anything) and must be supplied a daily amount of spicy memes. Articles posted by SpookyPizza must be downvoted immediately (please don't do that actually) before she actually thinks she is a competent writer. Refer her by Spooks or SpookyPizza there, and not SpookyBee. I will murder your mother in your sleep if you do this.

Description: SpookyPizza is a 20anything old French (I can feel the patriotism coursing through my veins) woman who """"""regularly"""""" writes articles for the SCP Foundation website. She's also part of Translation Archive. If you want to know what SpookyPizza looks like, picture Bob Ross shaven and with glasses.

She's mostly active on #Site19, she'll often shitpost there and repeatedly spam her sandbox pages. (Would work for crit.) She's a pretty chill gril and she can give you crit if you ask her. (Although my crit isn't really the best, I mostly point out tonal issues, plot-holes, and grammatical errors)

She can also draw stuff if you ask her requests. She's pretty okay at making art, she'll often draw environments, objects, creatures, and sometimes people if she's really in the mood for making art. (Drawing people is a nightmare, the human anatomy is just… hard to draw.) Here's her silly artwork thread: http://www.scp-wiki.net/forum/t-2256503/spookypizza-s-artsy-stuff-in-general-not-broad-at-all#post-2807378

She often plays indie or Valve games on Steam, her favorite games are the Binding of Isaac Rebirth, Team Fortress 2, Portal 1 and 2, and Kerbal Space Program. If you want her Steam ID, ask her politely and she'll friend you. (Fuck I need to update this. I guess Hearts of Iron IV and Team Fortress 2 now?)

She likes to browse the internet in the quest of well, not being bored. Despite this, she'll still often be late on the latest news because most of her input is on KnowYourMeme (That dark era is far behind me. Reddit and Discord are now- Well It's not much better in honesty…) and Youtube. She severely despises sites such as 9gag, IFunny, or FaceBook, if you tell her that you tolerate these sites, well don't expect to live another day.

And that's basically it.

What if SpookyPizza was bees?

What if bees were SpookyPizza?

What is SpookyPizza was SpookyBee? No.

What is SpookyBee was SpookyPizza? I said no.

I'm making a comeback (or maybe I won't), this time as a gril.(how did this happen, I don't know!)

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