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Communication Intercept:

Document recovered leaving the central mailing service at Site 4. Letter appears to have somehow bypassed basic screening services, and was picked up only by the hand-sorting staff shortly before delivery, as they noticed the lack of proper post-screening stamps.

It is unlikely that the letter was intentionally set to bypass security measures; however, Site Security is reviewing security footage, and re-evaluating the communication screening procedure.

Letter content has been attached to this report for later security review as/if needed. Original letter destroyed due to security clearance restriction conflict.

Dear Alison,

Please forgive the lateness of my letter. You may remember that my work has often kept me from standard daily activities, and with my current employment it has been doubly so. Months and years have a disturbing tendency to blur as one grows older.

I do not think any apology will be adequate for my sudden departure, however. I am sure it was a confusing time for you and your mother, more so for her as you were very young at the time, if I remember correctly. I was called away right after the… troubles reached something of a peak, and I imagine she was very distressed at my sudden absence.

I write now due to an article I recently encountered, dealing with theoretical space-time anomalies. While insightful and well explained, the most glaring portion of the article was the section identifying the author as yourself.

I can see that you are following the lines of research I myself was exploring before my… departure. I must advise you against this. Whether it comes from your genuine curiosity, or an attempt to find me via backtracking my work, it would be advisable to abandon this plan of action. I have followed it to the end, and am now… not where I would wish you to be.

Seek other fields of study. Stay away from the corners and dim edges of reality. Turn your focus to more practical and basic ends.

Forgive my bluntness, both now and… then. Know that it was, and is, necessary for me. Despite what it has caused.


Your father.

“Throw me daddy!”

“Oh, I don't know, mommy gets nervous when I throw you high…”

“Throw me, throw me, throwmethrowmethrowme-”

“Ok, ok, slavedriver…”

She shrieked, suddenly launched in to the air, sailing up several feet, coming down in a blur of hair and laughter, squealing anew as she made the journey again, begging “Higher, higher” in breathless gasps. She smiled, so trusting and small, sailing


Sailing down, wanting to spin now, arms exhausted, but unable to resist, spinning the tiny girl.

“Faster daddy, faster!”


“Watch me daddy!”


Doctor, you've been requested in conference room eight. Containment review meeting.

…I will proceed there immediately.

Does a mind bend…
Work Journal 2

Or does it break?
Opening Moves

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