Spider Song (How We Stand as the Universe Collapses)

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Critters crawling
Through the endless void
Webs unravel
Universe destroyed

Colors shifting
Our time is cracking
Memories gone
Cognition now lacking

S-R-As up
Technology shakes
Can we save it
As we note the stakes

The world smashes
We scramble to fix
Broken pieces
Our worlds intermix

Spiders and men
Working back to back
The ground breaking
All under attack

Trees made of gems
We walk into
It all starts to break
We do not fall through

Floating lands rise
As we scramble up
The islands crack
To stop their long fall

The spiders home
With the Foundation
Portals and tech
Our heroes station

Now as one group
Save the universe
Hold it as one
For better or worse

A gift for CelesteKara

With thanks to Uncle Nicolini.

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