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Welcome to SphereFinale's Author Page!

Why, hello there dear reader/explorer/stalker. I go by the name of SphereFinale. Long time reader, newer writer. Glad to see you here.

Sphere likes:

  • Nature
  • Honesty
  • Gaming
  • Anime
  • Engaging conversation
  • Being lazy

Make yourself comfortable, my works are right here ready for your eyes. If you want you can also ponder with me questions like where can I get refunds for life or when can I stop checking the Urban Dictionary when I'm talking to people 10 years younger than myself.

If you're a member of some of the SCP themed Discord servers you might have spotted me. I do critting here and there, especially when trading drafts.

My works currently found on the site! (in order of posting)

SCP-6242 - Eco-Friendly Infection

"The subject asphyxiated D-2151 through strangulation, resulting in his death. Reason for conflict being a disagreement over the morality of consuming dairy products."

My first SCP that started out as a sudden desire to get writing an SCP article off my bucket list. As you can see, that wasn't the end of it.
I wanted to start by writing something related to my forestry studies. While not up to my current standards, it holds a place in my heart.

SCP-6650 - The Starling Soars Once More

"They needed to have their eyes opened to receive what my messenger brings them, just like Nicholas."

Currently my longest piece to date, and my first real attempt at a bit more complex story telling.
Interestingly it got more complex as I got more feedback and touch into scp writing, so writing it was quite the adventure.

SCP-6497 - Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

"Either way, we now have a lot of fleshy spare parts to hunt down. It's just hard to imagine a reasonable motive for any of this, and finally getting to hear that voice myself makes this feel that much more personal to me."

During my wild reading spree I found a couple scips from the older series which together inspired this one. A classic case of SphereFinale writing where the big picture grows bigger than initially intended.

SCP-SPDR-J - Arachnophobic Colleague

"This ability is almost exclusively used in a situation where Researcher Jenner spots SCP-SPDR-J, and exits the room to either seek help or a tool to neutralize it with. Upon returning to the room, SCP-SPDR-J will have disappeared, much to the horror of Researcher Jenner"

Random funny idea. First attempt on a -J. Spider warning for those who relate to Researcher Jenner.

SCP-6906 - I'd Rather Not…

"I'm tired."

Continuing the series of "Sphere tries new stuff", after struggling to write short scips I finally got an idea which I believed would do better if left short. Loosely inspired by my emotional struggles in my late teens and murder monsters from a certain animation web series.


Link to my sandbox! Here you can occasionally get some peeks to my ongoing works/ideas I'm hatching.

That is all for now! Every time you don't upvote my stuff a baby owl has to go hungry. You should know I like owls.

Shoutout to TheDarkArtistTheDarkArtist for loyal help in formatting. (And being a source from which to steal code from.)

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