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16 Jun 2024 21:54

A decades-long internal investigation has confirmed longstanding suspicions that sharks are still, in fact, super awful.

June 23, 1999

Transdimensional data corruption has caused numerous unwanted files to manifest on SPC servers. The source of the intrusion appears to be the "Secure Contain Protect Foundation", a parallel entity from an alternate plane of existence, probably. Despite the inherently absurd nature of the SCP, they seem to consider us to be a joke. I'd like to see them tell that to my nine dead grandmothers.

March 3, 1942

Gee, this sure is a lot of war right here.

October 12, 1893

BREAKING NEWS! Empirical evidence has been uncovered which irrefutably proves that sharks are super awful. Personnel are advised to endouble their fisticuff engagement as they sally forth against the selachian scoundrels. Show 'em what for, chaps! Ods bodkins and sakes alive!

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If you think you have a hilarious joke about punching sharks and you want to put it into SPC form, feel free to ignore all the below.

As MrWrong (creator of the SPC GoI format) put it, an SPC is a "comic book elseworlds" of an SCP mainlist file. An SPC format is meant to outline the capabilities and effectiveness of any given project, anomalous or combined or otherwise, in punching sharks. Instead of containment, the format features the weaponization of an SCP with the goal of punching sharks or making the punching of sharks easier or more convenient.

I believe a core element SPC is humor. All SPC articles need to be at least a little bit funny. The entire GoI arises from a typo. Losing sight of that weakens the point of using the GoI. At the same time, the best SPCs, in my opinion, go beyond the mere joke of 'haha punch shark'. Look at SPC-140, for example. These people want to punch sharks so desperately that they're willing to risk the Daevite Empire taking over the world in exchange for better shark punching techniques.

SPC-2000 demonstrates the contrast of this approach. The grand reset button of SCP-2000 is instead reduced to a machine for making more sharks, so there will always be sharks to punch. It's dry anticlimax. SPC-993 has Bobble the Clown turned into Bobble the Clown Shark, going from a villain to a victim in the same breath.

What these 3 things have in common is contrast. They show just how stark the difference between the Foundation and the Shark Punching Centre's approach to anomalies/'Deviant' technologies/techniques is.

An SPC in this mold should be funny, but that humor should come as much from the subversion of expectations as the imagery of punching a shark.

The SPC theme was created by PeppersGhost based on Sigma-9 by Aelanna,
and used under the Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) license.

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