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SPC-682 is currently operational at the Fortress Ross Experimental Warfare Facility. The continued security of Subject ESTIVAL OUTLANDER is an Alpha-Orange priority task. Information in this project represents a Type-R Cognizance Hazard; CICAPOCO has approved QUALIFIED exposure.

Project #: SPC-682

Selachian Pugnātorial Capabilities: In its original form ESTIVAL OUTLANDER was of little relevance to combat against the selachian threat. While it possessed impressive combative capacity and was nearly indestructible the creature was not amendable to direct selachian pugilism. Augmentation exploiting the creature's impressive adaptive abilities has since transformed it into a selachian entity, one that is able to sustain pugilism indefinitely due to its regenerative capability.

The high volume of pugilism against a selachian entity resulting from this project has delayed CASE LIQUID WHITE by 43.7 years, according to the SPC-001 predictive model.

Project Component(s): SPC-682 consists of the Deviant-Type Non-Selachian Entity ESTIVAL OUTLANDER, Tank-7 at the Fortress Ross Experimental Warfare Facility, extensive surgical modifications and ongoing environmental stimulus (see Augmentation Summary), Squadron SPECTRAL SOUND-2 (see Project SPC-1569) and a Clark-Class Automated Pummeling System.

ESTIVAL OUTLANDER was originally a large Deviant-Type reptilioid creature of unknown origin (presumed extra-universal). It was located by the Centre in a hibernation state at the GREEN HARBOR dig site. Once awakened it demonstrated a high level of intelligence as well as strength and speed beyond the levels predicted by biophysical models of terrestrial reptiles (or any known non-deviant terrestrial organisms). It was initially extremely hostile to Centre personnel and once communication was established it expressed hostility to all terrestrial life (including, but not especially, towards selachian entities).

ESTIVAL OUTLANDER's tissues are capable of extraordinary regeneration and adaptability. It is theorised that the entity could regrow completely from a single intact cell, and can develop adaptive morphology for nearly any known environment. Due to this, by carefully controlling environmental stimuli ESTIVAL OUTLANDER can be deliberately induced to assume a desired morphology.

Knowledge of ESTIVAL OUTLANDER represents a Type-R Cognizance Hazard; 97% of subjects who read or hear a description of, or see an an image of, the entity state a strong preference for the destruction of the creature; when told that the creature is indestructible, 98% of subjects continue to state a preference for its destruction. However, when informed of the creature's current situation 96% state that they are satisfied with the current status of the project (a significant majority of subjects described their feelings using some variation of "as long as it is suffering").

Augmentation Summary: The cognitive and biological functions of Subject ESTIVAL OUTLANDER have been modified. The nasal gill system was surgically transplanted to the thoracic cavity, the limbs were pulverised and forced into molds, the cerebral cortex was surgically reduced and a system of electrodes was implanted in order to prevent neural regeneration, selachian tissues — including skin, ampules of Lorenzi, and internal organs — were surgically grafted onto the creature. The creature was submerged into a salt-water environment, and its own adaptive capabilities combined with the surgical modifications triggered a full morphological shift into selachian phenotypes.

Enhancement Summary: Initially pugnātorial action regarding SPC-682 was carried out by Marine Fighting Team CENTURION with manual aquatic pugilism techniques. The creature's impressive regeneration was barely tasked by this activity, however, and a Hass-Class Automated Pummeling System was installed in Tank-7. This system used hydraulic armatures to deliver 160 10 kN punches per second and was in place from 1989 to 2004. It was replaced by the advanced Clark-Class rig delivering 230 25 kN punches per second.

Following development of project SPC-1569, a squadron of SPECTRAL SOUND biosubmersibles was assigned to the tank and the pummeling rig was placed on indefinite standby, as these organimechanoids are each able to deliver over three hundred ~51 kN punches per second.

Project SPC-682 remains available as a testbed for SPC project methodologies, subject to CICAPOCO approval.

Excerpt from Casefile: GREEN HARBOR-19890213: The following transcript is taken from communication with ESTIVAL OUTLANDER prior to Project SPC-682 Augmentation.

Centre Negotiator: Agent Dreyfus


<Begin Log>

Agent Dreyfus: We are prepared to release you, if you agree to assist us.

ESTIVAL OUTLANDER: I do not serve. I will kill you, disgusting sub-creature.

Agent Dreyfus: You profess hatred of all life, yes? We just want you to concentrate on some specific animals first, is all.

ESTIVAL OUTLANDER: You don't care that I will kill your own kind so long as I kill some others first?

Agent Dreyfus: Yes, just as long you deal with the selachian entities first.


Agent Dreyfus: Yes, but you'll need to use blunt fists only to do so.

ESTIVAL OUTLANDER: (Laughs). You want me to punch sharks?

Agent Dreyfus: Yes, exactly!

ESTIVAL OUTLANDER: (Laughs). That's ridiculous. (Laughs uncontrollably). No.

Agent Dreyfus: So be it. (To MFT frogmen1) You may now disable the entity.

<End Log>

Excerpt from the SPC-682 Project Deployment Log: On November 11th 2008, due to an undetected failure of the neural electrodes, ESTIVAL OUTLANDER regained partial sapience and attempted to communicate with Centre researchers.

<Begin Log, skip to 00h-21m-52s>

ESTIVAL OUTLANDER: (Incomprehensible)

Dr. Jackson: Did the hydrophones just pick up something?

ESTIVAL OUTLANDER: (Incomprehensible)

Dr. Jackson: Pardon? (Motions to increase gain)

ESTIVAL OUTLANDER: (Incomprehensible)

Dr. Jackson: Speak up. (To Researcher Smith) Check the amps.

ESTIVAL OUTLANDER: … I will (Incomprehensible)…

Dr. Jackson: (To Researcher Smith) Yeah, that's the problem. Standby to increase the current.

ESTIVAL OUTLANDER: (Swimming closer to the pickups) …I will… punch sharks…

Dr. Jackson: Too late and a talent short; you are doing great work where you are. (To Researcher Smith) Do it.

<End Log>

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