SPC-507, code-named EAGER NETHERENDER, is an ongoing pugilistic operation co-developed by the Centre, Poseidon Laboratories, and the Liberated Cetacean Union (LCU).

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A bunch of miscellaneous CSS 'improvements' that I, CroquemboucheCroquembouche, use on a bunch of pages because I think it makes them easier to deal with.

The changes this component makes are bunch of really trivial modifications to ease the writing experience and to make documenting components/themes a bit easier (which I do a lot). It doesn't change anything about the page visually for the reader — the changes are for the writer.

I wouldn't expect translations of articles that use this component to also use this component, unless the translator likes it and would want to use it anyway.

This component probably won't conflict with other components or themes, and even if it does, it probably won't matter too much.


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Other personal styling components (which change just a couple things):

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CSS changes

Reasonably-sized footnotes

Stops footnotes from being a million miles wide, so that you can actually read them.

.hovertip { max-width: 400px; }

Monospace edit/code

Makes the edit textbox monospace, and also changes all monospace text to Fira Code, the obviously superior monospace font.

@import url('https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Fira+Code:wght@400;700&display=swap');
:root { --mono-font: "Fira Code", Cousine, monospace; }
#edit-page-textarea, .code pre, .code p, .code, tt, .page-source { font-family: var(--mono-font); }
.code pre * { white-space: pre; }
.code *, .pre * { font-feature-settings: unset; }

Teletype backgrounds

Adds a light grey background to <tt> elements ({{text}}), so code snippets stand out more.

tt {
  background-color: var(--swatch-something-bhl-idk-will-fix-later, #f4f4f4);
  font-size: 85%;
  padding: 0.2em 0.4em;
  margin: 0;
  border-radius: 6px;

No more bigfaces

Stops big pictures from appearing when you hover over someone's avatar image, because they're stupid and really annoying and you can just click on them if you want to see the big version.

.avatar-hover { display: none !important; }

Breaky breaky

Any text inside a div with class nobreak has line-wrapping happen between every letter.

.nobreak { word-break: break-all; }

Code colours

Add my terminal's code colours as variables. Maybe I'll change this to a more common terminal theme like Monokai or something at some point, but for now it's just my personal theme, which is derived from Tomorrow Night Eighties.

Also, adding the .terminal class to a fake code block as [[div class="code terminal"]] gives it a sort of pseudo-terminal look with a dark background. Doesn't work with [[code]], because Wikidot inserts a bunch of syntax highlighting that you can't change yourself without a bunch of CSS. Use it for non-[[code]] code snippets only.

Quick tool to colourise a 'standard' Wikidot component usage example with the above vars: link

:root {
  --c-bg: #393939;
  --c-syntax: #e0e0e0;
  --c-comment: #999999;
  --c-error: #f2777a;
  --c-value: #f99157;
  --c-symbol: #ffcc66;
  --c-string: #99cc99;
  --c-operator: #66cccc;
  --c-builtin: #70a7df;
  --c-keyword: #cc99cc;
.terminal, .terminal > .code {
  color: var(--c-syntax);
  background: var(--c-bg);
  border: 0.4rem solid var(--c-comment);
  border-radius: 1rem;

Debug mode

Draw lines around anything inside .debug-mode. The colour of the lines is red but defers to CSS variable --debug-colour.

You can also add div.debug-info.over and div.debug-info.under inside an element to annotate the debug boxes — though you'll need to make sure to leave enough vertical space that the annotation doesn't overlap the thing above or below it.

…like this!

.debug-mode, .debug-mode *, .debug-mode *::before, .debug-mode *::after {
  outline: 1px solid var(--debug-colour, red);
  position: relative;
.debug-info {
  position: absolute;
  left: 50%;
  transform: translateX(-50%);
  font-family: 'Fira Code', monospace;
  font-size: 1rem;
  white-space: nowrap;
.debug-info.over { top: -2.5rem; }
.debug-info.under { bottom: -2.5rem; }
.debug-info p { margin: 0; }

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Centre Pugilists are to report all RED NETHER sightings to CICAPOCO. Afterwards, an authorized Marine Fighting Team will deploy to defeat the Deviant in combat. RED NETHER threats are an EPSILON-GREEN priority, escalating to OMEGA-GREEN during a courtship ritual.

We must deter the Selachian threat known as WHITE NETHER at all costs.

—Nathan Jones, Commissioner, CICAPOCO
Search, Punch, Conquer.


Selachian Pugnātorial Capabilities

SPC-507 exists to train and equip Centre Pugilists for combat against Selachian threats from beyond our universe. The success of SPC-507 against prominent threats is as follows:


Selachian Threat Description: RED NETHER refers to Deviant-Type Selachian entities that manifest in nearby universes to prepare for the eventual arrival of the Mistaken Beast. RED NETHER are known for their overly aggressive exhibitionist courtship rituals. These rituals can create lightning storms, even in the vacuum of space.

The Centre pilfered several Sharkicist manuscripts during the Seventh Deviant Crusade, and inside these documents, found references to RED NETHER entities as angels and acolytes. During field incidents, however, Centre Pugilists have consistently gone on record to describe these entities as demonic, passive-aggressive, and even sassy.

SPC Impact Rate: HIGH


Selachian Threat Description: WHITE NETHER refers to a massive Deviant-Type Selachian entity with the ability to travel between universes. WHITE NETHER reports typically include references to its ontovoric tendencies — the Selachian consumes copious amounts of matter during its hunts. Whether these tendencies exist for survival, sport, or carnal purposes is as-yet-unknown.

Sharkic cultist holy scriptures avoid reference to WHITE NETHER when possible. When mentioned, WHITE NETHER is given the moniker “The Great Daemon”. Its goal has not yet been determined, as all attempts at communication have resulted in summary digestion. All Centre Pugilists encountering WHITE NETHER have gone Missing in Pugnātion.

SPC Impact Rate: NONE

Specific Project Components

SPC-507, code-named EAGER NETHERENDER, is an ongoing pugilistic operation co-developed by the Centre, Poseidon Laboratories, and the Liberated Cetacean Union (LCU). The focus of SPC-507 is to find, track down, and pummel RED NETHER entities and deter — or neutralize — the WHITE NETHER threat.

To that end, SPC-507 makes use of four sub-components:

Sub-Component Function
Fractal Acclimation/Spatial Heuristic device (“FASH”) A long-range scanner capable of locating Deviant-Type Selachian threats in nearby universes. Developed with the help of Poseidon Labs.
Tyson Ontic Pugnātor An experimental Deviant technology capable of opening portals to different branch universes by punching through the dimensional barrier. Developed by Dr. Mike Tyson, PhD.
“CERULEAN EXPANSE” Deviant-Type Cetacean entities allied with the Centre. Each Cetacean is trained in specialized Deviant pugilism. The LCU has granted the Centre express permission to use CERULEAN EXPANSE in pugilistic operations.
Marine Fighting Team CHARYBDIS A special forces unit outfitted with biochemical and cybernetic enhancements. The team formed after an abundantly fatal encounter between Marine Fighting Team SCYLLA frogmen and WHITE NETHER. MFT CHARYBDIS is stationed in Kydonia, the Kingdom of Mycenae, in an underwater geodesic dome code-named “BRINE MONASTERIUM”.

Their prime directive is to defeat WHITE NETHER.

Enhancement Summary

CERULEAN EXPANSE (Supramagnum musculus atlanto) is the largest species of Deviant-Type Cetacean entities on Earth, capable of atmospheric and exospheric flight via 12 natural ramjet sphincters. The Centre has selected one CERULEAN EXPANSE specimen, named Gægr Kemdulnim The Deep One, who measures 45 m in length and over 180 000 kg in mass.

Gægr has been outfitted with an internal cargo bay to transport one Marine Fighting Team, their supplies, and a set of Fish Stick-Class cryogenic units. Gægr has also been grafted with an unobtanium power extractor acting as an added propulsion system, which grants flight speeds of up to Mach 12 (14 800 km/h). He is also equipped with subdermal implants to produce internal oxygen.

Having served in the Seventh Deviant Crusade, Gægr is a veteran Cetacean pugilist trained in the Deviant pugilistic art of Yzylvin Xa. Gægr is fluent in English, Whalish, Sharkish, and the Cetacean song-language “Balooga”.

Augmentation Summary

MFT CHARYBDIS is a team of Centre frogmen1 enhanced with magnesium-titanium mimetic bone implants and muscular grafts extracted from Deviant-Type Selachian entities. After the loss of MFT SCYLLA, CHARYBDIS received further implants in the form of epinephrine emitters that yield a 200% increase in adrenal gland activity during high-stress scenarios.

CHARYBDIS uses prototype NEUROKNOCK powered armour. The armour consists of a high-durability vacuum-sealed tungsten carbide exoskeleton, capable of enhancing pugilistic force by a factor of three. NEUROKNOCK is outfitted with a 12-hr oxygen scrubber and rebreather, heating and cooling systems, digital radio transmitter, and Selachian identification HUD. Each suit is powered with a miniaturized unobtanium power extractor, which fuels a back-mounted rocket pack.

Deployment Record

Marine Fighting Team Mission Logs

1. Subject: SPC-507

2. Tour of Duty: 5 April – 2 August 2018

3. Team: Marine Fighting Team CHARYBDIS

4. Team Members:

  1. C-1 Captain Quinn Griffith — Team Lead
  2. C-2 Jaedan Traviss — Stealth Pugilist
  3. C-3 Leah Řezník — Parapugilist
  4. C-4 Haruki Nakahara — Technical Specialist
  5. C-0 Gægr Kemdulnim The Deep One — Transportation Agent

Context: Deployment records use the following format: Mission Number, Universe Designation, Case(s) of Interest, and Commentary.

A list of notable SPC-507 deployments is as follows.

Mission Number: 13

Universe Designation: Tri-Kaa

Case of Interest: RED NETHER

Commentary: MFT CHARYBDIS' FASH device detected a RED NETHER incursion in a nearby universe.

On arrival, CHARYBDIS entered orbit around an Earth-sized terrestrial planet with water covering ~99% of its surface. CHARYBDIS detected the entity — a 4-m-long Great Hammerhead Selachian (Sphyrna mokarran) — in a geosynchronous orbit, 8 000 km away.

CICAPOCO Notice: In a post-mission analysis, technicians discovered that the Selachian emitted low-frequency radio signals at specific intervals. Decoded translations are supplied where possible.


[The recording captures C-0 Gægr in the middle of a song.]

C-0 Gægr: Not even space dust can get in our way. All together, dear friends, we'll make them pay!

C-3 Leah: Oh, Gægr, that was your most charming song yet! [She swoons.]

C-1 Quinn: All right staff, C-0 is gonna open that mouth of his in 30 seconds. Is that right, Gægr?

C-0 Gægr: [He moans with glee.]

C-1 Quinn: As soon as you get out there, I want C-4 to take flank. She'll know what to do when she's in position. C-2, you take point, and C-3, I need you to watch his back. We good, team?

C-3 Leah: Aye, aye, captain!

C-4 Haruki: Ready to engage, sir!

C-2 Jaedan: [He merely grumbles.]

[MFT CHARYBDIS exits Gægr and travels 500 m while dodging orbital detritus. C-4 Haruki sweeps wide and analyzes the Selachian from a distance.]

C-4 Haruki (COM): That Deviant bastard's taking defensive measures! I suggest Advanced Pugilistic Technique-63, 11th Edition update. You know what that means.

C-2 Jaedan (COM): Leah, grab my hand; I'm gonna swing you upwards. When you get there, you'll punt that Deviant straight in the snout!

C-3 Leah (COM): Are you sure about this, 'Ruki? Technique-63 is used explicitly in situations of panic or extreme adversity, and there's not much evidence it works unless it's a critical hit. 'Ruki-chan's been watching Shark Month lately, huh Jae?

[C-2 Jaedan laughs.]

C-4 Haruki (COM): It's not up for discussion, Leah, it's about to attack!

[Jaedan grips C-3 Leah's hand, swings her toward the Selachian, and launches her at tremendous speed with his rocket thrusters. Before making contact, the Selachian heels to starboard, and she sails right past.]


C-2 Jaedan (COM): This freak's an ugly bastard, isn't it? Leah, keep your distance; I'm performing Technique-21!

[Jaedan propels toward the Selachian at 115 km/h and jabs its neck.]


[The Selachian bites down and gnaws on Jaedan's leg but does not breach the outer carapace.]

[For the next 3 min, Jaedan pummels the entity, landing 124 attacks. It loses consciousness.]

C-1 Quinn: Excellent work, team! Now, this is against regulation, but why don't we explore that planet down there — see what's on the menu? Any sea cows, you reckon?


Mission Number: 54

Universe Designation: Penta-Waxaklahun

Case of Interest: Bee Obliteration Registry “K” (BORK)

Commentary: A FASH alert signalled MFT CHARYBDIS to a RED NETHER attack in Universe Penta-Waxaklahun.

CHARYBDIS deployed to a small terrestrial planet inhabited by humanoid entities and travelled into a city, where multiple RED NETHER entities had launched an organized invasion force. After pummelling the Selachians into submission, a celebration was held.


[The recording captures a confrontation between C-1 Quinn and the humanoid leader in a cavernous banquet hall.]

C-1 Quinn: So, you're telling me that your people swat bees for a living?

Humanoid Leader: I strongly urge that you police your speech around my citizens; I don't wish to cause an incident. And it's not merely that the Registry prostrates itself to swat bees. My, phrasing on a level this unsophisticated is problematic, but pales in comparison to the false thoughts about bee-kind you've been indoctrinated to oviposit.

C-1 Quinn: Listen, if you're gonna talk trash, I'd rather it happen inside the sparring ring. And about this bee situation — I've smelt your air! Your city hasn't had a flower bloom in decades!

Humanoid Leader: Bees pose a grave existential threat — one that will halt all other life in vast swaths with just a passing glance! Bees are a repulsive abomination — most repellent! And we shall obliterate them all, no matter the cost. The Apiarchy takes no prisoners — not even you or me, soldier. The Heavens command our work. And we are doing excellent work indeed.

[On the opposite end of the room, C-4 Haruki converses with multiple humanoid entities. The humanoids nod and dance to chest-thrumming techno music. Haruki sips a caramel-brown beverage from a Styrofoam cup.]

C-4 Haruki: Holy shit, you have to tell me what's in this thing! It kicks so much ass.

First Unknown Humanoid: You like? This elixir was extracted from a pod of the finest powdered seed we have!

C-4 Haruki: [She blinks.] Wait, this is just coffee? Huh, all right. [She takes another sip.] You wouldn't happen to have any honey, would you? I've got a bit of a sweet tooth.

Second Unknown Humanoid: [The entity points at Haruki and screams.] She's in bed with the pest! The Striped Yellow Fiend! Apprehend this enchantress at once!

[All entities drop their drinks and make a beeline for the Fighting Team. The leader raises two slender fists and corners Captain Quinn.]

[The dance music continues.]

C-1 Quinn: C-4, dammit, what did you do? [To the rest of CHARYBDIS over comms.] Code FREAKISH NIGHT TERROR SUNDAE! Fall back!


Mission Number: 57

Universe Designation: Proto-Mih

Case of Interest: WHITE NETHER

Commentary: On 2 August 2018, at 07:51 AM, the team's FASH device detected a WHITE NETHER incursion in Universe Proto-Mih: The HQ of The SCP Foundation.


«0:00:00» MFT CHARYBDIS appears 400 km above a planet with striking similarities to Earth. WHITE NETHER resembles a Great White Selachian (Carcharodon carcharias). It consumes a passing satellite.

«0:29:47» Having devoured its meal, WHITE NETHER descends into the atmosphere. C-0 Gægr activates his unobtanium engine and follows from a distance.

«01:51:55» WHITE NETHER flies above this Earth's version of Olde New York.

«01:57:08» WHITE NETHER pursues the Statue of Liberty. The statue displays various visual deviancies, such as a beak, feathered wings, and talons. Video magnification reveals a note scrawled onto a placard at its base: “STATUE OF LIBIRDY”. WHITE NETHER feasts on the monument.

C-1 Quinn: [He yells.] You Deviant maniac, you're destroying the Statue of Libirdy! Oh, damn you to the depths!

[Gægr bellows like an operatic singer.]

C-0 Gægr: Tonight I waltz with the Beast!

C-1 Quinn: Damn right! That's it, everybody out!

«01:59:40» C-1 Quinn, C-2 Jaedan, C-3 Leah, and C-4 Haruki emerge from Gægr's gaping mouth and hover at rest nearby.

«02:00:23» Gægr spirals at a great velocity toward WHITE NETHER. WHITE NETHER heels to port and knocks debris from the statue, which rains down on humanoid entities below. The entities squawk and flee.

«02:01:16» Gægr reels back and rams WHITE NETHER head-on. The Selachian retaliates, spinning to confront him. It swings its tail like a battering ram, slamming Gægr into the ocean.

«02:01:58» WHITE NETHER dives into the bay. Gægr bites the Selachian's tail. In the ensuing panic, WHITE NETHER springs up from the water and thrashes, but Gægr holds on tight.

«02:05:18» WHITE NETHER pulls Gægr into the city at 200 km/h, and CHARYBDIS follows far behind. The Selachian skims atop skyscrapers; Gægr's bulk destroys buildings and monuments, but he does not let go. WHITE NETHER travels toward a church in the city's residential core.

«02:07:09» Gægr opens his jaw, releasing WHITE NETHER, and both smash through a church wall at 250 km/h. A church bell breaks free and lands on WHITE NETHER, immobilizing it.

«02:09:36» In a fit of rage, Gægr pinwheels his pectoral fins into WHITE NETHER and lands fifteen rapid blows. WHITE NETHER bites down on Gægr's left pectoral fin, bisecting and consuming it. In a panic, Gægr pushes WHITE NETHER through the church, demolishing the opposite wall. The pair falls into the street.

«02:10:31» Gægr chews on WHITE NETHER's tail and plucks it from the caudal keel. WHITE NETHER shines bright red.

C-2 Jaedan: Oh, fuck! That's a rage state!

C-4 Haruki: That's not a thing!

C-2 Jaedan: It is! I'm 110% positive.

C-4 Haruki: You can't– [She smacks her faceplate.] Math doesn't work that way, dumbass!

C-1 Quinn: C-2 and C-4, now is not the time! [To Gægr over comms.] Gægr, get out of there!

«02:12:44» WHITE NETHER clamps onto Gægr's tail. He twists his body and angles the unobtanium engine at the Deviant, which activates and destroys the Selachian's dorsal fin. WHITE NETHER thrashes uncontrollably, damaging and disabling the unobtanium engine. Gægr is knocked sideways into a nearby building. Several floors collapse; Gægr falls unconscious. CHARYBDIS surrounds both Gægr and the Selachian.

«02:13:49» The engine destabilizes, blasting superheated chemicals onto the Selachian. WHITE NETHER smashes the building to rubble and escapes through a newly manifested Way.

«02:13:58» All five audiovisual feeds terminate simultaneously.


As of 2 August 2018, at 10:01 AM, MFT CHARYBDIS has been declared Killed in Pugnātion.

SPC-507 has been declared ON HIATUS.

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