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All Arenas that are using SPC-2970 are to enact Procedure "SUCKER PUNCH" and dispose of the bodies. By following CICOAPOCO standards, SPC-2970 is to be considered Deactivated until further notice.

Search, Punch, Conquer.

Selachian Pugnātorial Capabilities: The SPC-2970 project is to combat rising selachian numbers and their sympathisers. The Centre is to use SPC-2970-B entities for Shock and Awe operations.

These operations are to include raids on sympathiser stations handing out selachian propaganda. Common locations for stations are outside supermarkets, the sea life preservation centres in major towns and cities, and within television documentaries that promote donating to the selachian cause.

SPC-2970-B instances are to also mobilise with Marine Fighting Teams (MFT) in the field to assist in capturing/punching sharks and combating Groups to Punch operatives, whose goals are to see the destruction of the Centre.

Project Component(s): SPC-2970 is a human cloning program, brought to the Centre by Doctor Rosa Miles. SPC-2970 has two sub-designations: SPC-2970-A and SPC-2970-B.

SPC-2970-A is a cybernetically enhanced human of unknown descent. Dr Rosa Miles brought SPC-2970-A to the Centre when the scientific Group to Punch known as "Prometheus Labs" disbanded. Following CICOAPOCO regulations, SPC-2970-A must be placed in stasis to preserve its genetic makeup for future SPC-2970-B entities.

SPC-2970-B consists of two components. The first component is the embryo production. DNA harvested from SPC-2970-A is to be inserted into adult cells gathered from Centre agents which have been chosen by lead researchers of SPC-2970.1 Any SPC-2970 embryos not meeting up to standard procedures are to be terminated and flushed from the growth vats to begin preparations for next batch.

Once SPC-2970-B entities have reached adulthood, they must enter the Operating room to receive augmentations based on their purposes. Common augmentations include but are not limited to:

  • Arm-mounted non-lethal harpoon guns to replace a forearm.2
  • Water jets installed into the body to allow for faster movement.
  • Rebreathers installed into the throat for SPC-2970 to breathe underwater.
  • Rocket powered detachable fists.3
  • Memory units, to back up to the servers when deceased SPC-2970-B instances are recovered.

Augmentation Summary: Doctor Rosa Miles arrived at Arena-17 in the 80s, claiming to be a researcher of a collapsed Prometheus Labs from an alternate reality. She brought SPC-2970-A from her universe. The Centre has allowed Doctor Rosa Miles to remain in our universe, on the grounds that the template is used for combating the selachian threat.

The first SPC-2970-B entities were clones of SPC-2970-A. The SPC-2970-B entities' DNA is 100% identical with SPC-2970's, which was considered a success. Arena-17 thus began secondary testing - Modifying SPC-2970-B with augmentations.

SPC-2970-B showed remarkably little resistance to accepting the augmentations. However, SPC-2970-B also showed little interest in fighting for the Centre's cause. Multiple instances would be discovered participating in non-Centre activities. For example: SPC-2970-B, instance 13, was occupying itself with playing computer games which featured neither punching selachians or advancing the Centre's goals.

Arena-17 proposed infusing SPC-2970-B instances with DNA of high-ranking Punchers. Doctor Rosa Miles displayed hostility towards the Centre for proposing such an action and was removed from all tests during this phase. SPC-2970-B's DNA accepted these changes with no issues and have shown incredible aggression towards Selachian entities.

Afterwards, SPC-2970-B entities were produced and sent to MFT in need of reinforcements and/or extra hands for on-going Centre Projects.

Deployment Record: Since deployment, SPC-2970-B was used across the frontlines during the Third Sharkic War. They were effective in fighting the Sharkics during Operation "DEEP DIVE".

Statistics Centre Sharkic Cult no.134
Total numbers of forces Humans: 123 SPC-2970-B instances: 5 Humans: 80 selachian entities: 35
Total losses Humans: 48, SPC-2970-B: 2 Humans: 65, selachian entities 35 (17 captured)
Recovered equipment N/A 1 copy of the Sharkic bible thing5(Destroyed), 17 shark craft books, 5 arcane relics (destroyed after analysis)

SPC-2970-B instances also took down several sympathiser stations that were handing out propaganda pamphlets and collecting donations for the Selachian cause. For example: SPC-2970-B instance 37, destroyed the Selachian's Hand recruitment station outside Wal-Mart in Florida and brought in the sympathisers for interrogation. Operation "BROKEN ANCHOR" was then devised soon after.

According to Operation "BROKEN ANCHOR", however, SPC-2970-B started to show abnormal behaviour. Below is the recorded transcript of MFT POSEIDON'S BOX during Operation "BROKEN ANCHOR".

Procedure "SUCKER PUNCH" is the extermination of all SPC-2970-B entities. All current research and breeding of -B instances are to be put on hold until either SPC-2970-A's genetics expires, SPC-2970-B's new behaviour can be bred out or when the Centre has no need for the SPC-2970 project.

When Procedure "SUCKER PUNCH" was put in effect, doctor Rosa Miles voiced her concerns about it. The Centre had placed her in the brig for a month when the Selachian's hand entered the Arena and broke her out. She has been placed on the Arena-17 "Most Punchable Humans" list.

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