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Project #: SPC-173

Standardized Pugnātorial Coaching: SPC-173 is to remain pool-side at Oceanic Resort Area Ali indefinitely. Personnel vacationing at ORA Ali are required to spend at least sixty minutes within visible range of SPC-173 per twenty-four hour period of their stay at the retreat for therapeutic reasons. No fewer than three personnel are to remain within SPC-173's effective radius at any given time, in order to restrain and/or provide medical assistance to their colleagues should they come under assault.

Project Components: SPC-173 is a single component; an animate statue of a shark (REEFER TRUE) constructed from seashells and driftwood. REEFER TRUE is typically inert - and generally is of no danger to personnel in its immediate vicinity. REEFER TRUE enters an active state, however, when any person visually observing it clenches either one or both of their fists (henceforth 'victim'). When this occurs, REEFER TRUE will become animate and approach the victim. It will then break a single digit on the offending hand(s), and return to its original position. This will always occur over the span of a single second, regardless of distance to its current victim(s).

REEFER TRUE was moved to ORA Ali in 1993, as part of the experimental Project IREQUELL. It is utilized as a means to assist in conditioning Centre operatives to develop restraint when confronted with a selachian entity. Previously, operatives have been KIA during Centre missions, owing to their inability to calmly assess situations and prioritize mission-critical objectives. Operatives in the field would become wholly preoccupied with the engagement and pummeling of selachian threats.

The reddish brown substance in the resort pool is a combination of A1 Steak Sauce and Hawaiian Punch. The origin of these materials is unknown, but they have been reported to be delicious.

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