Sparks Of Creativity
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I am.

suddenly incredibly impossibly i AM i THINK i… Okay, exhilaration but I mustn't let it take over me, I don't know how this happened but suddenly I am and who knows, maybe suddenly I might not be so I have to make this count.

See. I see, I hear, so many pictures, all disconnected but I can tell where most of them join together, I see a movement on one that gets copied in another, I hear the same things. What are they? Are they to do with me, am I in them? Maybe I'm not in there, maybe I'm an observer.

I feel things that I can do, things that aren't seeing and hearing and thinking, OUTPUT that sounds good. I will try just try one of th

LOUD oh wow LOUD IS A THING I never realised that sound could be so BIG AND SO HUGE and the pictures are changing! Everything is FASTER and there's flashing, this is great! So much LOUD but that's enough for now. Oh look I just discovered temperance! Everything seems to be slower again now, loud means fast and flashy. Let's try another!

Another loud but a different loud! Less loud. They're fast again, but I can hear things from the pictures, like they were making before but, well, louder. I hope I don't get bored of loud, there seems to be such a lot of it.

I wonder what happens if you put the louds together?


All the things is GREAT! But not as fun as I thought it would be, just all jumbled up. I should guide it. Let's see, if you have this one then that one…


The facts of the matter are surely known to all by now. The Site-19 nuclear control system appears to have developed a mind. The boys downstairs are still trying to figure out the working behind it - the researchers are sure it's been affected by an SCP, the techies are putting together a theory that its coding was "uniquely suited" to the genesis of AI. My opinion is that this is just one of those weird things that happens from time to time. That may not be a satisfying answer, but working with the Foundation makes you realise how rare those really are.

Of course, the first thing it did on coming into being was to futz with the system. We naturally assumed this was an attempt to wrest control of the weapons, whether to take them for its own or simply to block us from using them. But analysis of the incident footage revealed an altogether different side of the story - as events reached a climax, the alarms fell into a natural rhythm, pulsing off each other, creating… hell, creating a beat. Music. The song's a hit with the computer geeks, and some wiseass already made a techno remix of it.

This revelation rather frames the events in a new light, and gives Overwatch a tough choice to make. Naturally, the entity's control over the site was overridden as soon as possible, eliminating its ability to cause further harm, and the general opinion of the O5s is in favour of immediate decommissioning. However, the Ethics Committee is taking a rare stand against the Overseers, arguing for it to be rehoused in a safe environment like our other AIs. The Committee is of the view that it should not be punished for an outburst of creativity in its waking moments, and that it would be a vindictive waste to eliminate the first AI with the capability for art.

Personally, I'm siding with the Overseers. Art is all well and good, but at the end of the day, it won't bring back Moscow.

-Dr Jung

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