Spark of Wonder
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1While the world was still young, and Man still spoke clearly, and the warmth of creation was still in the ground, there lived a soybean farmer who was called Polyakov.

2Polyakov was a virtuous man, and listened to the Words of Pangloss. Pangloss rewarded him for this by teaching Polyakov to see the flame of Wonder that was in the Worlds and in the Spirits.

3Polyakov used the Wonder to create many wondrous miracles and machines, which he shared with the rest of man.

4Eventually, Polyakov had learned to craft well enough to the dancing flame that was Wonder that he took up a new title, that of Wondermaker.

5One night, thieves broke into the home of Polyakov the Wondermaker. They stole many of his wonders, and disappeared.

6But the thieves that had escaped did not know how to use the wonders, and in their folly and greed, they made and became lost in the Crucible, which was the shadow of Wonder.

7One of the thieves did not escape, as she had become injured in the Wondermaker's house. Her name was Wan.

8Polyakov the Wondermaker healed Wan's wounds with what was left of his wondrous machines. He offered her food and allowed her to sleep under his roof.

9Over time, Wan's Spirit was opened and cleansed. And Polyakov the Wondermaker showed her the Wonder in the World, and in Spirits, and in his machines, just as Pangloss had shown him.

10And Wan Became a student of Wonder and of machines, and was like a daughter to Polyakov.

11When Polyakov the Wondermaker had reached a ripe old age, Wan took up a new name, Mekhane, and left to venture out into the world.

12And Mekhane became a great, and powerful, and wise teacher among the worlds, and her teachings found as many disciples as some of those Spirits with greater form.

13 And in this day, and all the days past, there have been some Spirits, especially among Man, who can see and craft the Wonder.
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