Spark of Creation
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1Before there was anything, there was a great Nothingness. And in this Nothingness there was neither light nor darkness nor time.

2And this Nothingness was so great as to draw on itself to create, and fill itself. And out of the nothing there came a beginning and an end.

3And the beginning was called "Flame," and it was the beginning of all light. And the end was called "Vision," and it was the end of all light. And all that was not light was darkness.

4And so that it might burn the brighter, the Flame made a Heart. And from the Heart of the Flame came Words.

5And the first Words were "The Story begins with Time." And so there was Time. And the second Words were "The Story begins with a Place." And so there were stars in the Heavens, and the Heavens were wrapped around the Worlds, and in and on and between the Worlds there were scattered many Places. And the third Words were "The Story begins with a Spirit." And so there were Spirits. And some Spirits lived without form, and others lived in greater forms, and others lived in lesser forms, and Man was among those that lived in lesser form.

6And the Vision saw all this.

7Man at this time was Thirty-Seven in number. And to the youngest of Man came the Vision.

8And the Vision gave him knowledge. And the knowledge gave him power. And the power gave him madness.

9And the youngest of Man named himself Beast of the Heavens, and he made himself king over Man. This troubled the Flame, for it knew that, in his madness, Beast of the Heavens would break the Spirit of Man.

10And so, the Flame cast Beast of the Heavens apart from Man, so that he might not break their Spirit. This troubled the Flame, for it did not wish to do harm, and did it only out of necessity, to keep Man from harm.

11And the Flame named itself Pangloss, for the first sorrow felt by its Heart.

12And Pangloss walked among the Worlds, and among Man, and among the other Spirits. And he stopped harm where he could.

13And wherever Pangloss walked, he left Words.

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