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Hey there all! Space_Kaiser here finally with an author page! This is very bare bones right now, but I will "eventually" get to it.

A few things about me:

  • Born and live in America's swampass, take that as you will.
  • Aged 23, now the next goal is to live for another 211 years.
  • I have a crippling addiction to Destiny 2. I hate that game with a burning passion. I love that game.
  • I studied and currently am a Guest Teacher. Basically, a fancy way to say substitute teacher. Yes let me cope.
  • Pronouns are he/him
  • I do not have favorites, but my favorite skip is [[REDACTED]]

The following are a list of articles I've written, in order of what I feel is most complete/better to least:

(By far the most complete, may need some slight revisions but nothing major)

(Story and flow is good, however, dialouge and tone need to be improved)

(Tone is good, however, needs some major revisions to its story))

(First SCP, and article, I have ever written on the site and it shows lol)

My current list of "projects" I am working on:
- The Great Rewrite Project: Considering my current standards and knowledge on SCP, three of my four articles are quite simply not up to par. As such 5490, 5644, and the 7kon entry will be receiving a rewrite so that they may fit my current standards. Current Status:

  • The Great Filter, and What Lies Beyond: In Progress
  • The River God, and The Demoness of Fear: Pending
  • The Lost Emperor, and A Descent Into Madness: Pending

- Man's Best Friend, and The Bond We Share Rough Draft
- The Eternal Office, and Our Shared Responsibility Concept
- Our Ancestors, and Where We Once Were Concept

My personal thoughts and reasonings behind making these articles, in order of publishing:

SCP-5490: The Lost Emperor (retroactively; The Lost Emperor, and A Descent Into Madness). My very first SCP and, by extension, article. The main reason why I created this article was to pay homage to my field of education, History. While I love and appreciate many different eras in Human history, Roman history has always struck a cord within me. While I am not exactly well versed in classical history and antiquity, one cannot understate the impact Roman society had in shaping western history, culture, and language. While the concept and theme I wanted to portray are eligible, the fact this is my first article is very apparent. Hopefully, my future rewrite will uplift this piece into the glory it deserves, as with the case of our 'Lost Emperor.'

SCP-5644: The River God (retroactively; The River God, and The Demoness of Fear). My second article showcased the lessons I had learned from my first article, while also showing those I didn't. Yes, the story, flow, and concept were received well. However, the dialogue and tone were stale and out of place in an SCP article. The primary reason for writing this article was my interest in the Ancient Egyptian pantheon, as well as to pay homage to a friend I had who knew a lot about ancient pantheons. I had always thought it interesting, especially since discovering SCP, how 'what if some of these ancient gods were based on real miraculous creatures and concepts?' In many ways they are, but I wanted to put an anomalous twist on them. If I were bold enough to establish a Canon Hub, it would be based on this article (If it were called anything, it'd be "God's Among Us"). The current version of the article only gives a brief mention of The Demoness of Fear, but in my planned rewrite, she will be a focal character and foil to our River God.

SCP-6958: The Tower, and Those That We Have Lost. My third and, by my personal measure, my best article. This was a project that was months in the making, with multiple writer's blocks and the constant worry of: "Is it good enough?" "Will people enjoy it?" "What if people think it's too similar to other articles?" While I still think about the latter a bit, this article was well received. My main inspiration for this article was the infamous Tower of Babel. In fact, that is what the article was originally called before I moved on to my current naming conventions. The reason for coming up with it was, well, I thought it would be cool I guess (lol)? After looking through the wiki and seeing the other 'Tower of Babel'-inspired works, I figured I would take my interpretation in almost a literal direction. I am very happy and proud of what I accomplished with this article, and I wish more people would read it to see if my thoughts on it are skewed (lol).

SCP-7050: The Great Filter, and What Lies Beyond. My entry into the 7000 contest. At the time of writing this, I had written this article for almost a week straight with no breaks. While the results aren't bad, it absolutely can be better. The main reason for the article is its namesake, the Great Filter. In stark contrast to my previous three articles, which all in one way or another related to history, this was my first foray into science fiction. I had always found it miraculous that despite our numerous close calls throughout history, and even now, how humanity hasn't wiped itself out via nuclear holocaust. Be it through diplomatic efforts, M.A.D., or pure luck we have survived through it all. So the optimist in me said: "Well, what if that's the Great Filter?" That's when I began my draft, so to say I decided last minute to join 7kon wouldn't be wrong (lol). While I am both surprised and not surprised this (currently) is my highest-rated article, it is by no means up to my standards. As such, to honor the piece and contest it was made for, it will be the first of three rewrites I plan on doing.

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