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Howdy, stranger. Um… she/they, from the North of England, born in 1998… think that's all the personal info. Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoy some of these articles!


As a quick note, anything marked with an * is something I'd consider good enough to upvote were it someone else's article. You're welcome to read the rest, but I do think they're a step down.

SCP-2994 - whiteboards made from dogs that teach you german (rewrite of a Jekeled article)

SCP-2907 - interdimensional dead prehistoric fascist worm

SCP-5891* - house filled with itself and also a guy is sad

SCP-5394* - phones that gaslight you

SCP-5459 - island of tory dickheads

On Some Faraway Beach* - woman writes to penpal about trees and mythology, and is sad

SCP-6931 - sad ghost gets ready for work

SCP-143-J - two guys who won't shut the fuck up

Pareidolia* - woman sees a ghost/a bit of driftwood in old photo

SCP-6908 - sad woman does nothing. also there is a cult that does nothing

SCP-6915* - guy has a broken bug god as hitchhiker, is alarmingly okay with this

SCP-6891* - VKTM do therapy, mixed results

SCP-7995 - genuinely not sure how to summarise this one with a single pithy line

SCP-7903 - sleep monster wants a cuddle

Taking the Heat Out - SCP-6850 gets a little treat (Art Exchange gift for RealSurrealSir)

SCP-4679 - dream monster vs alchemy, fight!

In Rainbows - claire has a bad night

deleted stuff

SCP-6964 - cultists' big day out, goes poorly

SCP-6955 - two idiots chaperoned by ghosts (v1 and 2)

SCP-6914 - trans woman lives, has existential crisis as a result

SCP-7960 - gremlins in the server

SCP-7906 - transcendence, one way or the other

That's what I've written so far, so thank you for reading!

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