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Never say goodbye. Because saying goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting. ~ Peter Pan.

In the year of our lord one thousand nine-hundred and seventy-three, the world was well on its way to conquering space. The Apollo missions which brought Humanity to the moon were followed shortly with the Minerva missions, establishing the first lunar colonies. The cooperative nature of these endeavors strengthened ties long thought broken forever. The Warsaw Pact, NATO and China came together and, for a fleeting moment, seemed on the verge of entering a new golden age of exploration… but all good things must come to an end.


The cutting-edge Lucifer-class heavy cruiser, backbone of the Foundation Space Forces.

In the early hours of July 13th, the world they knew disappeared, spirited away by a power beyond any of their comprehension. The lunar colonies, the Foundation's secretive orbital facilities, the Soviet spirit vessels, and the Chinese space laboratories were all left behind. SCP-2047's activation had replaced the Earth with a cold, dead world, orbitted by a tiny remnant whose homeland was forever lost. For these men and women, however, the pioneering spirit of exploration hasn't given up the ghost just yet.

Against all odds, a hastily cobbled-together fleet of ships, repurposed colonies and space debris, led by an uneasy coalition of the remaining Human governments, have decided they must find their home at any cost. An impossible task, to be sure, but certain interested parties are watching with growing excitement. The Showmen, an anomalous race of aliens, love a good struggle for survival, and have decided that the Human remnant might just be entertaining enough to deserve a gentle push in the right direction.

Welcome to the United Earth Fleet. We hope you enjoy your stay, because frankly we don't have a whole lot of options. Our current heading? Second star on the left, and straight on till morning.

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