Sonderance's Extensive Bibliography In Order of Publication

Name Core Question Notes
SCP-4653: Ambrosial Insects and Starving Gods What if the Greek gods ate bug squirts and then starved to death? Written for JamCon 2020 (Theme: "Delicious")
SCP-5785: Craptivism What if I tried to make you sad about a dude who teleports his own fecal matter? Written for CorpseCon 2020 w/ ContProcs provided by Deadly BreadDeadly Bread
SCP-5625: Team Non-Anom and the Epidemic of Jamais Vu What if an existential form of rabies led to a slow-burn love story? Written for CupidCon 2021
SCP-5640: DUKE ETHEL, WIELDER OF THE UPWATER CIRCLET What if I stretched a minor gag from Finding Nemo into a whole article? Written for JamCon 2021 (Theme: "Marine")
Sonderance is Cool and Smart What if I got real meta about this? The author page you're currently looking at
Sudoku Puzzles and a Lit Cigarette What if a basic cartoon trope got angsty? Written for JamCon 2021 (Theme: "Corruption")
SCP-6012: Let It Go. What if an immortal dentist caused problems on purpose? Written for 6kon 2021
SCP-6531: Anthology of Horrors! What if I gave myself a birthday gift by pretending it was Halloween for some reason?

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