SomethingK-class Scenario, I guess
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They say that the way
That the world will end
Is not with a bang, but a whimper
Or perhaps in frost
Or perhaps in flame
Or in some madman’s fit of temper

What they don't understand
Is that endings are many
They've happened so often before
We've reset this world
A million times over
It's getting to be quite a bore

And each time we do it
We have to start over
Though we never quite do so from scratch
We decide what to keep
And what to get rid of
But some things they never quite catch

See, each time we do this
We're supposed to forget
Unless it all happens again
And so even though
"We've fixed our mistakes"
Aren't we doomed before we begin?

So some of us thought
"Let's make this a game"
We've got nothing better to do
We'll meet and keep score
Each time we reset
Should the changes we make, make it through

We each pick a thing
That shouldn't quite be
And slip it in at the start
It may be quite small
Or massively silly
But all of us have taken part

So when we rejoin
The next time it's all over
We discuss and then vote on the winner
It's not a huge prize
We just fix in our minds
In the reset we'll take them to dinner

The thing is I've realized
As we keep on going
And it does fill me with some distress
Is that each time we do it
It keeps getting worse
So are we to blame for this mess?

I think that this next time
I'll suggest that we lay off
And perhaps see if that puts it right
Though I am disappointed
I can't change "In the Beginning…"
To "It Was a Dark and Stormy Night…"

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