Virgil the Goldfish's Big Day Out
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(a/n - this fanfic is set in a parallel universe where everyone in the devil may cry universe is a different type of fish! i like fishies, so it's just what i'd like! virgil is a really really hot girl in this universe too!!!! she's a goldfish to be precise. also in this universe dante was never born because he's an asshole and i don't like him fuck you dante. instead davsto (oc don't steal) is virgil's brother, and they are bestest bestest friends of all time, and they're also married (don't worry, it's not illegal, this is set in my home state of texas). also this story has some wet (hehe get it because fish) s*x scenes so if you don't like that then get out. there's no need to leave crticisism because i know it's perfect - DON'T LIKE DON'T READ THAT MEANS YOU FRED I KNOW YOU'RE READING THIS JUST BECAUSE YOU THINK IT'S COOL TO BULLY ME AT SCHOOL ABOUT IT I'M GOING TO GET THE POLICE INVOLVED SERIOUSLY STOP IT YOU M**NIE)

"lol" laughed virgil, her golden fins shining in the sun. she always laughed at davsto's jokes - he's f*cking hilarious after all, the funniest guy in his school (hehe get it because fish). she was beautiful, but he was more - his scales were striped red, blue, purple and white like hair dye kinda colors, because he's a cool emo (NOT GOTH) fish. he looked at her and smiled, reaching forwards his mouth to kiss her lips, tongues swirling in and out of each others' mouths (a/n i think this is how you do it? that's how it looks in the movies, idk i've never kissed anyone lol). "oh yeah" she said as they pulled away, both smiling.

"so" davsto said, "wanna go back to mine for some hot s*x??" "i thought you'd never ask" she replied and we swimmed off to our house. on the way we met jim the fish (you know from doctor who the best tv program) and he laughed at them. he's a bit of a d*ck though to be honest. "hey virgil" he said, with a really creepy glowing look in his eyes. "f*ck off you wet (hehe get it because fish) assh***".

davsto got his fin and yelled "HADUKEN" and punched jim right in his little p**pyface and he flew off crying "wow davsto you really are the best fighter!" and virgil kissed him because he was a strong fish who is super cool and loved by everyone including his dad (see not a self-insert).

"oh yeah davsto" whispered virgil into my ear "you are so strong and handsome i want to do the s*x with you alllll night" "oh yeah" i replied and they started swimming back to my house but suddenly a big black shape wibbled into the water

"oh no it's the big scary monster of the sea" davsto screamed because he hated the colour black and it terrified him (see there's a flaw he's not a mary sue stop pming me fred). suddenly, virgil grabbed my hand "it's okay davsto, i'll kill this shith**d" she said to me and she made a big ball of fire and fired it at the big scary monster of the sea "arrrgh" it yelled as it fell into the bottom of the sea.

"your so s*xy baby" i moaned into virgil's ear "come on" she said, "gladly, on which part of you? ;)" i replied. "stop it you" she giggled and then we swimmed back for some hot fish s*x.

(a/n s*x scene coming up please don't read if you're not into that sorry)

i took off her fish bra and the sight of her b**bs really turned me on. my fish stick (hehe get it because fish) started to stiffen as we made out moaning at each other, it grew and grew to 8 inches (my real size lol girls ;)). i put it in her wet, fishy (fishy because she's a fish, not because she stinks) v*gina and pumped in and out, making her moan and scream and tilt her head back as i put my mouth on her neck and kissed and man it felt so good so much better than touching myself. i started to lick her n*pples and she moaned louder and screamed "put it right there in my cunt" so i put it in her v*gina deeper until she screamed and squirted and c*me everywhere

(a/n that's the s*x scene over really hot it evaporated the water ahahaha)

"well that was fun" said virgil, i smiled and said "yeah", until we heard a knocking on the door…..

a/n ooooh how exciting isn't that a hell of a cliffhanger! exciting in more ways than one… please rate!

a/n edit: OKAY i've received a lot of pms and they've really upset me and i'd like to address them here. first, apparently fish don't have s*x like normal people and they don't have n*pples, and to that i'd like to say FR*CK YOU!!!! this is FICTION and i can say WHATEVER I WANT because it's not real, i'm an AUTHOR not a BIOLOGYIST. second, i've been told that "virgil the goldfish" is a character from scp and i say that's stupid, i HATE the scp, i used to like them but they hated me and deleted everything i wrote for them even though they were good my teacher told me so

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