So, You've been trapped in a pocket dimension. What now?
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The Foundation Official Handbook 3rd Edition

Spatial, Temporal and Dimensional Anomalies

Pg.247/Chapter-24 - Erratic Trans Dimensional Travel

So, you've been trapped in a pocket dimension. What now?

So, you've been transported to an area isolated between time and space. What now? The first step is to examine your surroundings for possible exits and dangers; if it is too dark to see, use your mobile device as a light source. If you happen to spot a doorway/window/archway or any other form of a pathway to which you cannot see what is on the other side, begin moving in the direction of this possible exit.

If you happen to spot a creature/living light/sentient shadows or sentient object of an aggressive nature, don't panic. The inhabitants of the pocket dimension you have entered most likely view you as an intruder/source of nutrition, and should be treated in the same way you would treat encountering a hungry bear, with extreme caution and a flight-or-fight mindset.

Has the aggressive creature spotted you? If so, begin to slowly move away from the creature. If not, also start to slowly move away from the creature. If the creature in question notices this action and begins to walk/hover towards you do not let it near you, as it may attempt to attack/consume/melt/devour/obliterate and/or place a nest for its young within your chest cavity.

Please note that this textbook doubles as both an excellent source of information and a blunt weapon due to the size and weight of this piece of educational literature. While attempting to stealthily assault the creature you've encountered is possible, it is incredibly likely that this event will result in death, serious injury or forced immortality in a non-responsive state. Out of the last 20 survivors of erratic trans-dimensional travel to a pocket dimension, 19 out of 20 agree that attacking a possibly god-like entity with a textbook is a bad idea; the twentieth is currently recovering following their unfortunate reentry inside of a trash compactor.

If you survive your time in a pocket dimension and discover an exit, please note that your inevitable reentry into our dimension appears random and you may suffer from any of the following:

  • Reentry under a body of water
  • Reentry within an object
  • Reentry into the stratosphere
  • Reentry into the wild
  • Reentry onto highways, railways, subway tracks or tarmacs
  • Reentry into another person/organism

If you survived any of these unfortunate reentries, please alert your nearest Foundation Dimensional Research Station (FDRS) for extraction and debriefing. If you did not survive, alerting your nearest FDRS is unnecessary and should be avoided. If you are unsure of your current state of being, please flip to page 272 of this handbook "Existing and why it is important to productivity" for more information.

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