Snippets From The Serpent
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-» Topic is: Welcome to #booksudontread - RULES: Don't be an ass. Don't out your fellows. If you're here, it's because you've been invited. If you get kicked, it's because the ops think you've been doing something that could endanger yourself or others. Don't come back without their approval.
-» Topic set by MisterKitty on 1/23/2013 12:33:27 PM
* ChanServ sets mode +v no1uno for #booksudontread
<@MisterKitty> So he says, 'First assume a spherical Chicken!'
<Vet> Hahahaahhahahahahaha
<vodkanono> lol
<crankshaft> hehehe
<~3rdSister> Oh lordy Mid, that's an old one.
<@MisterKitty> Still good.
<no1uno> Sounds like a good time being had.
* Jagerman rolls some dice, and opens up a door.
<no1uno> It's nice you all can laugh at a time like this. When things are so rough.
<romeoohromeo> whaddya mean no1?
<@MisterKitty> I haven't seen you around before, no1uno. When did you join?
<Vet> Ha, new blood! Let's ask him the questions!
<@MisterKitty> Oh lord, do we have to go through with this?
<vodkanono> Why not? There are traditions that keep us strong. We shall continue.
<no1uno> If this is how things are done, then let them continue as such.
<@MisterKitty> Fine, go ahead, ask the damn questions already.
<romeoohromeo> al right, question one: how'd ya find us?
<no1uno> Oh, I have my ways.
<crayweed> Oh no! That's a cop out! Come on, we've all done the questions, you gotta answer.
<no1uno> Well, to be prefectly honest, I just typed in 'Serpent Hands Secret Chat room' and this is what popped up.
<romeoohromeo> …
<crayweed> …
<Vet> …
<romeoohromeo> i don't believe you
<no1uno> To be fair, I'm not actually using a regular computer. I had this one special built to do most of the work of tracking you people down. You're almost as hard to find as I am. But now I have you.
<destructiveMouse> …
<crankshaft> …
<~3rdSister> … Okay, let's get this joker out of here.
-» You were kicked from #booksudontread by 3rdSister (Bork@borkdeborkbork) Reason (You were not invited.)
<no1uno> and Yet, I am still here.
<romeoohromeo> is… is that supposed to be possible? c, i thought you had this on lock down.
<~3rdSister> That shouldn't be possible. But hanging aroudn you guys I know possible is a big field. You kids talk to him, I'm gonna… work my magic.
<no1uno> I believe there was a second question?
<crayweed> Okay, right, I got this. What are you lookign for here?
<no1uno> Succor. Release. I seek the one who will free me from my torment, and let me once more pass on to the next. I seek the knowledge of the past, and the wisdom of the future.
<vodkanono> …
<@MisterKitty> …
<romeoohromeo> … the fuck, man?
<~3rdSister> Got you now! Suck it asshole.
* 3rdSister sets mode +b *!*@no1uno for#booksudontread
<~3rdSister> Wait, what? That wasn't a name ban… Fuck it.
-» You were kicked from #booksudontread by 3rdSister (Bork@borkdeborkbork) Reason (Eat it creep.)
* 3rdSister wipes her hands of it. "Asshole dealt with."
<vodkanono> *Applauds* Well played, oh web mistress of awesome.
<no1uno> I believe such applauds would be out of line, as I am still here.
<~3rdSister> MOTHER FUCKER! Give me a moment.
* 3rdSister (Bork@borkdeborkbork) has left #bookudontread ()
<Vet> All right asshole, as long as we've got you here, let's finish this. Last question. What's your power?"
<@MisterKitty> Don't feed the noobs guys.
<crayweed> Well, you gonna answer or what
<no1uno> Ah, now you come to the crux of this operation, the nub, the epitome of what I wish to speak on.You see, I am unknown, I am unseen, I am not. Those who are aware do not believe, and I, I sit in the cracks, and watch the world turn. And I am here with an offer.
<@MisterKitty> What do you offer us?
<no1uno> You? Absolutely nothing. You have the power you seek.
<romeoohromeo> aw yeah, romeo is coming into power now give it to me bitches
<no1uno> Let us say no.
<crayweed> Then why ARE you here?
* vodkanono checks his watch.
<vodkanono> Why must the evil villains go on and on and on and on..
<no1uno> I resist the label of evil.
<crankshaft> So you're a good guy?
<romeoohromeo> he reisists the label of good
<no1uno> I resist the label of… yes.
<crayweed> So your nothing.
<no1uno> I am me, is that not enough?
* 3rdSister (Bork@borkdeborkbork) has joined #booksudontread
<no1uno> And my target returns.
<~3rdSister> Right, you want me? Fine. Let's do this.
<@MisterKitty> C, are you sure you want to do this?
* 3rdSister sets mode +i for #booksudontread
* romeoohromeo was kicked by 3rdSister (bork@borkdeborkbork) Reason (Personal Safety. Get the Docents.)
* crayweed was kicked by 3rdSister (bork@borkdeborkbork) Reason (Personal Safety. Get the Docents.)
* crankshaft was kicked by 3rdSister (bork@borkdeborkbork) Reason (Personal Safety. Get the Docents.)
* Jagerman was kicked by 3rdSister (bork@borkdeborkbork) Reason (Personal Safety. Get the Docents.)
<@Misterkitty> Claire, no, let me stick around and help you!
* Misterkitty was kicked by 3rdSister (bork@borkdeborkbork) Reason (Love you too. I'll deal with it.)
* vodkanono was kicked by 3rdSister (bork@borkdeborkbork) Reason (Personal Safety.)
* Vet was kicked by 3rdSister (bork@borkdeborkbork) Reason (Personal Safety.)
* destructiveMouse was kicked by 3rdSister (bork@borkdeborkbork) Reason (Personal Safety.)
* OldMan was kicked by 3rdSister (bork@borkdeborkbork) Reason (When the hell did you get here?)
<~3rdSister> And now it is down to me, and it is down to you.
<no1uno> It has always been thus. You just resisted it. There's still one person watching, you know.
<~3rdSister> I have no idea what the fuck you're talking about. There's no one else in the room! How did you bypass my security? Why are you cracking my site? What the fuck do you want from me?
<no1uno> I want to make you an offer. I'm tired. I've been doing this for… for too long. It has taken a toll on my mind as well as my body.
<~3rdSister> What makes you think I want it?
<no1uno> Because you asked for it, Claire. Because you want to be the ultimate thorn in the side of the Jailers.
<~3rdSister> …
<~3rdSister> … Oh.
<~3rdSister> You.
<no1uno> Me.
<~3rdSister> What do you offer?
<no1uno> Everything. All my files, all my tools, everything you need to make them fail.
<~3rdSister> And what does it cost?
<no1uno> Everything. You will be unable to make yourself known, even to those who were your closest friends. You will be me. Will have always been me.
<~3rdSister> My…family?
<no1uno> Will never have had a third little sister.
<~3rdSister> Never again…
<no1uno> But you'd fulfill the family goal.
<~3rdSister> You're an asshole. Very well. I accept.
<no1uno> Turn around.
* chanserv sets mode -i for #booksudontread
* MisterKitty has joined #booksudontread
* chanserv sets mode +qo MisterKitty MisterKitty for #booksudontread
* romeoohromeo has joined #booksudontread
<~MisterKitty> Huh, that was odd.
<romeoohromeo> whut
<~MisterKitty> I was locked out of the room for a minute. Weird. oh well, looks like nothings wrong.

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