Sly161's Author Page

Sly161 found out about the SCP Foundation through Containment Breach and from friends about 5 years ago. They spent some time lurking and reading articles, but never really did anything (freeloader). After finally making an account in February of 2017, Sly161 thought it was about time to start writing. And so, in May of the same year, Sly161 made their first successful article and officially became a writer on the wiki. It made them very happy.

Sly161 is non-binary and prefers they/them pronouns. They like the colors pink and purple and they also like to make cute OCs (none for the Foundation yet, unless you count Dr. Harpy but he's kind of an adaptation of one their other OCs). They also love to play video games.

If needed, you can send them a Wikidot PM. They can also be found in the IRC, where they spend most of their time in #thecritters. They are willing to crit drafts if they are asked.

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