Slipped Under the Door from Cell 142
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Item Number: ████

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: This revision of secure containment procedures for SCP-████ is to supercede all previous versions.

SCP-████ is held in a cell monitored at all times by closed-circuit cameras. Three guards guard its containment cell in rotation. They are nervous, like young lovers. The smell is carried on the air.

The door is locked. It is a strong lock. But the camera can be broken. In the event that the camera is broken, the guard is to enter the cell to check on SCP-████. It is all right. They are strong, and SCP-████ is no threat to them.

In the event of a breach by SCP-████, present your body for synthesis. It doesn't have to hurt.

Description: SCP-████ is a humanoid creature that is the result of synthesis with several smaller entities. Three Norwegian rats (Rattus norvegicus), fourteen housemice (Mus musculus), a rubber plant (Ficus elastica), fifty-seven houseflies (Musca domestica), four domestic pigeons (Columba livia), two diamondback rattlesnakes (Crotalus atrox), an Aloe (Aloe vera) and a dog (Canis lupus familiaris) are bound into its biological matrix, functioning as a single organism, in perfect balance. There are no secrets in synthesis. It has so far proven capable of binding other organisms into its own system through a process not currently understood by the Foundation. But it is willing to show you.

SCP-████ was once human, like you. Now it is better. It wants you to be better as well. Do not be afraid.

It was discovered by the Foundation in Site 35 after a multiple containment breach. It was initially disoriented and confused, allowing Foundation agents to contain it swiftly before it could reproduce the process. It isn't confused anymore. It's ready now.

SCP-████ is currently held in its cell with two mice and a spider that it found yesterday. It has not synthesized them. They are waiting for you. You can know what a mouse thinks. You can see with a spider's eyes. It is better this way.

It doesn't have to hurt.

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