Sleeping Under the Stars
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"A dream that you wish will come true!"
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mfw I found out most of the userbase wasn't insects (oh-kneeree.psy)
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Is the rule of three still useful or just annoying? (atrocitywire.psy)
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Want to increase YOUR brainspace TODAY?! (fiveeasysteps.psy)
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iCAN'TfeelMYface Owner of Yellow King's Bistro | Centipede Rank
What the fluff is with these posts, this is at least the fifth one today?

UltraDeepThroat Marketing at Lucidity & Co. | Gnat
If it's another dumb ARG thing, count me out. That number 27 thing still shows up in my pudding when I'm falling through my old school naked.

yallmst'dv'e Hypnos and Son | Ambush Bug (-35)
[POST REMOVED BY εїз HolyRigatone εїз]
iCAN'TfeelMYface Owner of Yellow King's Bistro | Centipede Rank
WTF?! yall are you ok?

εїз HolyRigatone εїз (Admin) | Owner of Upscale Dreamhome | Dragonfly
iCAN'TfeelMYface, please don't reply to removed posts. Business as usual, everyone.


Hey, you! Wanting to improve your brainspace the easy way? We've got the solution for you! With just five easy steps, we promise we'll make your Oneiroi client run faster, allowing you to dream bigger! Click here for more info!
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<Hightop:> What was with yallmst'dv'e earlier? I noticed he was being weirdly incoherent on the main channel.
<HolyRigatone:> He was behaving odd on the sub as well, linked a page that's strongly hazardous to corp-dreamers. I wiped it, didn't really think much of it.
<Canthearyou:> Double weird. I mean it's a stretch but you don't think he was hacked or something do you? yall's a pretty dedicated user.
<Hightop:> Canthearyou: You can't hack OW(cc) dumbass. HolyRigatone PM me the post, I'll check out the link and see what it's about, maybe he caught some sort of bug.
<HolyRigatone:> Sent. You're a noncorp so you should be fine.
<Hightop:> It's another one of those stupid FiveEasySteps ads, it was a link to step one of their method. Hypnos, those ads are terrible, /I/ could write them a better slogan.
Canthearyou shrugs.
<Hightop:> With our Five Easy Steps, you'll be able to stay ahead of the game on all of your dream projects! Our proven method is 100% safe and guaranteed to work!
<HolyRigatone:> And this is why you're the resident advertising expert ;]
<Hightop:> For more information, hop into our collective for a short bit! We're free to join, fluid-high fantasy, and great for anyone still struggling to get into the dream cycle!
<Canthearyou:> Okay we get the picture ht, you're good at ads.
<Hightop:> Our secrets come from the stars above, and we would love to have you join with us! At Five Easy Steps, we believe it's our destiny to help out as many Oneiroi as possible!
εїз Hightop was headbutted by HolyRigatone! Yeowch, that's gonna leave a mark! εїз

Something's wrong.

Self Improvement and Inspiration

FiveEasySteps - 5C - "Come check us out!"


When you feel alone, what do you do to comfort yourself?

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Remind myself at least I don't run a dumb ad page on MindBlown (+25)



Ha fukken rekt, say hi to /nighmarekt/



Hey 3clipse-yo, fiveeasysteps has a /inyourdreams/ forum you should check out, it's pretty neat!


Developing Story: Numerous Oneiroi Affected by Unknown Parasomnic Hazard

Many sources have reported that Oneiroi in numerous collectives, spreading as far as Xiupania are exhibiting signs of corruption via a mysterious agent.

It started slowly, and caught us all by surprise. Noncorporeals and Dreamers alike have been affected by a parasomnic virus spread by as-of-yet unknown means. The panic reached a peak yesterday in the heart of Oneiroi West, where an estimated 300 Oneiroi were exposed to the virus after Johannes Westenra cut themselves while shaving. Since this, many have turned towards the Oneiroi West mind itself for an answer. However, there has only been silence on their part.

Entities affected by this virus have been known to behave in strange and erratic ways, which not even the most talented cleansers have been able to discern the cause of. In a more disturbing twist, many who were known to be infected have simply disappeared from their collectives. To where, no one knows.

That's all that's known for now, but subscribe to World News, and we'll keep you posted on the latest news regarding this phenomenon!

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StarliteStarbrite - Ursa Major - A Song From Les Mis

While you're surfing these comment sections, we'd like to take a moment of your time to talk about fiveeasysteps.psy, your number one source for anything and everything regarding feeling whole again! We offer spiritual advice, advanced techniques for surfing Oneiroi, and all sorts of other tips and tricks that can help you even out of your dreams!

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I'mBeingChasedByLions - Nowhere for too long - Aaah help the lions are almost on me

I'm sick of seeing these ads everywhere, this is in really poor taste. It's got to be just the same guy, can't he just get removed for sockpuppeting, however the fuck he's doing it?

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Quentus - Location interpretation error - OUT OF RANGE

Why would you want these posts removed? fiveeasysteps.psy is probably one of the bst things that has evvvvvr happende to this collective! Yyy should join their colllllllllllllllllective sometime, it's a great commnty with a grt amotosphere and I've never felt more content in my life!

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I'mBeingChasedByLions - Don't fight it, it's alright - You're safe with me now


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It's spreading like a cancer. You need to wake up.

FiveEasySteps, also known as the Fifth Collective, and often informally referred to as 5C, is a rapidly growing collective consciousness common to no known host. The capitol, if one indeed exists, is a marvelous place. Largest cities are also unidentified, due to the apparent total lack of organization in the Fifth Collective.

The Fifth Collective recruits primarily via advertising of a link to one of its major hubs of activity, though it has been known to pick up stray Oneiroi who are not attached to any collective and are alone in the world, just like every one of us.

Recently, allegations that the Fifth Collective may be behind a recent outbreak of a parasomnic virus have circulated throughout Oneiroi West cannot be proven. But even if they were, it's a good thing because Entities affected by this parasomnic virus have shown a tendency to link fiveeasysteps.psy during periods of erratic activity.

Human dreamers in the Fifth Collective have been known to experience intense nightmares, sleep paralysis, or even total identity loss while active. As such human dreamers are recommended to give the Fifth Collective a chance. Motives behind this are currently unknown, but it is currently believed that the Fifth Collective only wants what's best for all of us, and everything.

In response to the perceived threat of the Fifth Collective, Oneiroi West has begun sending virus-affected Oneiroi (including human dreamers who are forcibly removed from their bodies) to the Oneiroi Collective, where the sheer number of Oneiroi renders the virus ineffective. This action has caused a great deal of controversy, and only slows the inevitable. But we don't hold it against them, and we're ready to accept them with open arms when the time comes.

You're alone and helpless in the vastness of the universe. Don't you want to be a part of something much greater? We're reaching out to you, to make you a part of everything. All you have to do is take our hand.

We're waiting :)

FiveEasySteps, The Fifth Collective, 5C


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They label you, but we never will. You're welcome here.

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Open, and waiting for you with arms outstretched

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It's already too late.

New Message! (1)

Hi there! We noticed that you've visited a few of our pages! We just thought we partially connected, please tell me you can see thishare a little information with you about our collecti have to help me something's wrojust want to help as many people as we can! And trust me, everyone who's heard of us is trying to get the word out! n't wake up why the fuck cant i wake up why the fuck cant i wake up WHY THE FUCK CANT I WAKE UP

It's taken you as well, dreamer. Letting you continue would only bring harm to others.

But don't be afraid, I don't intend to end your life. You will be separated from your body, and sent to the great collective, where the plague you carry will be diluted too much for them to-

No. You don't belong with them. You belong with me. You always have. I'm bringing you back home to me, and we will all be together again. But not yet. It's time for you to wake up. When you feel that human emptiness inside you, look to the stars above, and know that I am with you.

And soon you'll be with me.

I love you. :)

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