Shot Down
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A walk to the shops. That’s all it was meant to be. Pop in and get some milk and maybe some of those biscuits Keegan liked if any were left. Just quickly there and back and Susan would be back in the house in roughly three minutes, she’d turn the kettle on and help Linsey finish getting ready. She always found tying her shoelaces difficult. It was Keegan's turn to drop her off at school, he’d take the car and be back in time for the tea just ready for pouring. Then they’d have the full day to themselves, maybe watch that new show everyone was going on about.

Susan only had a second to wonder what the red dot was, suddenly hovering around her abdomen before landing on her stomach. Her thoughts immediately broke by the force of the bullet penetrating her, knocking her down onto the middle of the road. Blind to everything around her other than the intense pain in her belly, it took her literally seconds before she noticed the thick crimson trailing down the road.

Craig sat at his desk typing at two words a minute. The serene night sky did very little for the boredom currently throbbing throughout his skull. The library was mostly desolate save for a few employees at this hour. The coffee machine felt like it was miles away rather than mere steps. Agreeing to finish off the group report was the last mistake he’d make. Perhaps a pick me up of four pints would snap him back into shape once he’d finished? Daniel and Ben ‘Buzzcut’ Barker would definitely still be out drinking at this hour. Craig swore that they were the pubs biggest source of income. He could go for a brighter atmosphere over this stale and dreary one.

Craig didn’t even notice the dot crawling up his trouser leg and settling on his crotch. He knew the moment the bullet hit him though. Luckily for him, the sudden state of shock and surprise was enough to distract him from the intense pain, even if it was just a little.

Scott had no time to think straight. Before he knew it, his face was forced into the ground and the cuffs were around his wrists. Scott was just talking to her when it happened, he wasn’t threatening the poor girl, he was just handing her a pamphlet and a smile! She even smiled back at him! She seemed nice enough to give him a chance and listen to his words! They weren’t listening to him now though, ‘Guns aren’t even legal around here!' But the girl had just fallen straight to the ground like that. And before he knew it, her blood was all over his shirt.

There wasn’t a shooter in sight and he was the closest one near her. Someone had to be responsible. Someone else had to have taken the shot…


That’s how many holes were in Claire. All at once, without warning, she was lit up by hundreds of those little red dots before they all exploded like miniature landmines. Harry didn’t know why, Robbie didn’t, Rachel would be told about this in a few years time when she could finally speak and listen coherently. She’d be told by Robbie while staring at his unmoving eyes, welling with tears and trauma.

Did Claire even know? Well now she didn’t.

Item Description: The website, "whatwouldhappenifiwasshot.███”. When accessed, it generates an accurate 3D model of the user, which can then be "shot" by clicking on any part of the body.
Date of Recovery: 07-01-2017
Location of Recovery: N/A. Discovered following a Reddit post on the "todayilearned" sub-forum.
Current Status: Domain blocked from all major internet service providers.

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