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You wander down an alleyway, guided by a dimly lit streetlamp. It's dark, nobody is around, and your phone is dead. After making your way to the end, you finally find what you were looking for: the faint outline of a steel door. You give the door three short knocks, two long knocks, and one last short knock. Immediately, the door is swung open and you are pulled inside by a dark figure. After a brief struggle, he strikes you on the head. You black out.

When you come to, you're being blinded by a lamp. You try to cover your eyes, only to realize that your hands are tied to a chair. After your eyes adjust to the light, you can see a figure standing behind a desk. You struggle to make out facial features at first, partially because of the lamp, but more because of the fear that paralyzes you. After a few moments you realize who this man is, and you're already familiar with him. It's me.

I lean forward, my face showing hints of disappointment. "Listen." I say. "We made a deal, you and I. You provide me with the product my organization needs, and I provide you with those special articles you wanted so badly." I pause for a brief moment, and lean back in my chair. I motion to my associate, who unties the bindings on your hands. You feel a momentary sense of relief, but that's cut off when I start speaking again. "We made that agreement two months ago. You were supposed to report back to me after one. With how late you are, I trust you held up your end of the deal?" After a brief pause, you stumble to the floor and reach for your bag. You rummage through it, eventually pulling out an unlabeled brown shoebox. You place it on the table, and I give a contented grin.

I open the box, revealing a nice pair of brown loafers. I lift one out of the box and begin inspecting it. "Excellent. This is quality product, I'm sure my associates will pay a fortune for this. If you don't mind me asking though, where's the rest?" Your stomach sinks. A feeling of panic spreads throughout your body as my grin turns to a scowl. "You don't have it huh?" I give a discontented sigh and stand up from my chair. "Listen, because I know you're a decent guy, and what you've given me so far is so great, I'm gonna let you off the hook. I'll even give you part of of what I promised right now." I slide a file folder across the table. You pick it up and immediately tuck it into your backpack.

"That's classified government stuff, so it wasn't easy to get. I hope you remember that while you're out there getting more for me. You've got a month, and if you don't have it all by then… Well, let's just say I won't be too happy. I'll see you then." I give you a crooked smile and motion once more. My associate shoves you out the door, onto the wet pavement of the alleyway. He slams the door behind him. You pick yourself up off the ground and immediately open up the folder.

The documents inside read:

You put the papers back in your bag and rush home as fast as you can. There's a lot of work for you to do, and if you value your own well-being, you need to get started as soon as possible.

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