Shark Tale
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I was led into the room by two men in black, their eyes hidden by sunglasses. Maybe they felt pity for what was about to happen to me, maybe they didn’t. One of them shoved me down into a chair. Did I feel a tremble in his hand, or was it just me lying to myself, trying to fool myself into thinking there was some regret in this godforsaken place.

I knew why I was there. The murder of my wife. I knew it was wrong, but I didn’t care. For that one moment where my hands were around her neck, I was God. I knew I wasn’t the Devil, as I saw him looking at the new arrivals to that place. Our new prison. A great new opportunity to serve our country. Freedom in a month!

It was Hell.

A doctor walked into the room and sat on the other side of the cold, metal table. “Hello, D-839229,” he said, a small smile playing at his lips. He had seen this before, the bastard, and was probably looking forward to seeing what hell I would go through.

He placed a small bronze ring on the stainless steel table. The initials H.T. shone from the light reflected on them. It didn’t look like anything special.

“Please wear this ring, D-839229,” the doctor said, and leaned back.

I’d seen people shot for refusing to do what the doctors said, so I reached forward and tried to put the ring on one of my fingers. It refused to fit no matter how hard I tried. Eventually, I just put it on my pinkie finger.

“How are you feeling, D-839229?” asked the doctor.

I looked up. Goddamnit, this jerk was playing with me, making me put on some dirty old ring. “Fuckin’ hungry,” I replied sarcastically. Then the pain began. I jerked forward, blood trickling out of my mouth. Oh god, what was happening?

One of my teeth fell out. It landed on the table and started shaking, as if it were trying to get away. Within a few seconds, all my other teeth joined it. As I watched them in horror, they began to squirm and writhe and change shape. Soon, I was looking at a dozen miniature…sharks?

As I was taken away by security, my fingers fell off. As I was thrown into a cell, my toes. As they explain to me I’m in observation, the hammerheads that were once my eyes rip apart my sockets.

As I sit in the cold, my only company a single security camera, organ-sized sharks come up my throat, their eyes flicking here and there. They all come out, my liver, my lungs, my hea

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