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ID #: 51174

Name: Agent Cyrus Trauss

Personnel Class: C

Clearance Level: 4

Department(s): Offsite Response (current), Field Operations (current), Security (secondary), MTF λ12 (former)

Site(s) Assigned: 42, 626 (current), 19, 81, 66 (former)

Hire Date: ██/██/2016

Personnel Information: C-51174 is primarily tasked with tracking and detaining human and sapient anomalies, responding to local emergencies, and responding to civilian calls; if needed, he can be assigned to onsite security or containment positions at Site-42 or -626.

Foundation Certifications: L4 Information Security (Tier V), L4 Amnestics Administration (Tier III), L4 Tactile Resistance Training (Tier IV), L4 Biochemical Exposure Resistance Training (Tier III), L3 Cognitohazard Exposure Resistance Training (Tier II), L4 Handguns (Tier V), L4 Rifles (Tier V), L4 Defensive Driving (Tier V), L4 Pursuit & Capture Training (Tier V), Mk. III Amnesia Resistance Targeted Mnestic Exposure Training

Civilian Certifications: High School Diploma

Internal Record: 1 strike(s) Personal Misconduct (remediated 2017), 1 strike(s) Mishandling of Anomalous Objects (remediated 2017)

Civilian Record: N/A


"Things have been swell since we went public. Not sure what sort of attention-grabbing disasters would have arisen had he been a field operative before that point."
-Eric Radford, Director of Site-42

"I've encountered a D-51174 briefly on two occasions but not a C-51174… questionable."
-Dr. Argent, Site-66

"A Jeep? Seriously?"
-███████ ███████, Personnel Director of Region III Northern US Sites

"A Jeep? Hell yeah!"
-███ ███████, Personnel Director of Region I Southern US Sites

Not funny and barely within IntSCPFN's page customization regulations.
-Elaine Starck, Ethics Committee Chairwoman

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