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Series with dedicated tags

The following is a list of series with their own tags. A Check mark indicates the series has been completed.

SCP Anthology 2022

ANTHOLOGY is a 31-day event wherein each day of October, a horror SCP is posted, bound by the theme "ABCs of Death", each by a different author.

There's something for everyone here — So long as it is nightmares you seek.


Fighting with my sister as the world bleeds out.

Tales of Anomalous Items

Pick an item from the Log Of Anomalous Items, and make an interesting tale about it.


The Foundation has a problem. Appliances across the world are coming to life and learning to fight back. Microwaves, toilets, and even your own mobile phone might be watching you right now.

It's a problem. And Site-37 has to fix it.

Stealing Solidarity

Five cyborg commando catgirls. One guy in a bathrobe. One spaceship. Space is infinite.

The Breach Goes On: Bury the Survivors

On 8 September 2002, all heaven and hell breaks loose at Site-43.

Cack Hard

The Cack Hard cinematic universe is home to a bunch of dumb stupid stuff, mostly weird crack fiction.

Cack fiction, if you will.

Classical Revival

The Revival is an attempt to hearken back to the old, pre-Mass Edit days of the site, but with more modern sensibilities.

SCPs that can be used or reasoned with are used to the fullest extent possible, harmless SCPs will have far more relaxed security measures, and incredibly dangerous ones are on the list to be destroyed as soon as possible.

Tales of Mr. Collector

Wow! You just found yourself the Tales of Mr. Collector, a limited edition story collection from Dr. Wondertainment!

Read them all and become Mr. Reader!!

Et Tam Deum Petivi

Tales from the Horizon Initiative and other things of a theological nature.


Global Occult Coalition Casefiles

To those of you who would do harm to humanity, I say this: the Global Occult Coalition stands ready to defend humanity against all foes.

Whether it likes it or not.


It approaches.

Integration Program

Yes, we at Site-322 understand that this is a very stark change of pace for the Foundation.

But, if you don't believe that this works, why don't you hear from a few anomalies that were part of the Integration Program?


Kiryu Labs

There are 18 rooms total that make up Kiryu Labs.

These and the other rooms are where a few of the Foundation’s caches of anomalous items (not quite interesting enough to merit special containment, not quite harmless enough to be stuffed in a broom closet) are processed.

Little Misters

Wow! You've just found yourself your very own Little Mister, a limited edition collection from Dr. Wondertainment!

Will you find them all?


Mundus, Liberari

An anti-fascist series centering around an unlikely group gathering together, and the people they protect.

Resurrection: New Faces

Chosen to head a new Mobile Task Force made up (at least partially) by anomalous individuals by the powers that be, Director Light has a lot of pressure on her.

At the same time, an anomaly beneath a Site in Yellowstone has begun to wake up.

Resurrection: Old Foes

Over the past decade, the Foundation has spent copious time and absurd amounts of money bringing back their old tricks.

You can't possibly think their enemies haven't been doing that, too?

Olympia Project

Project Aims: To successfully create an artificial humanoid through the use of several SCPs, and use it to the benefit of the Foundation.


All recruitments begin with a good first impression.

Random recording: UIU Orientation selected.

Project Palisade

To compromise this would mean nothing less than the death of all reality. The lives of too many innocents rely on us to allow this last moral quibble to undermine all that we have done.

They must die in the dark, so that we can continue to defend the light.

Project Thaumiel

Explore every way things can go wrong for each SCP-001 proposal.

Choose random file? Clavis decrypted.


Team Bird

Seventy-five birds against seven billion humans, a god, and Medila-knows how many anomalies (some of them from Thoth himself). The odds are bleak, I know. But we've got brains, determination, and a whole lot of bird-power.

If we pull this off right, we can stop this apocalypse.

The Time After Time Password

Daniil Sokolsky's plan is to explode seven plots by seven Groups of Interest at Foundation Sites around the globe.

In England, Italy, India, Australia, the United States, South Korea and Japan, seven traitors are waiting for his seven messengers to arrive.

Department of Unreality

A blurb should go here.


And Every Time We Meet Again

When all it takes is a single spark to raise the restless world ablaze, there's nothing quite as calming to the raging fire as two flame wizards, ready to do whatever it takes to catch the other.




Yggdrasil's Surveyor

One man. One job. An infinite multiverse. A cross-canon series that explores them all.

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