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I got caught yesterday.

Normally, I'm more careful about when and where I do it, but I was absolutely ravenous. I hadn't had at a good meal in weeks and I was really craving steak. Tremors of hunger, unlike anything I'd felt before, erupted across my body like a stream of earthquakes. I'd considered just trying to eat it. To grind my teeth into the tough meat and scorch my tongue on the sizzling flesh, then to attempt the agonising act of forcing the fibrous slush down my esophagus. I'd hope it'd stay down, but I knew it wouldn't.

I set about cutting the steak into cubes the width of my eye socket, but I was impatient so I decided instead to slice long thin strips. My eyes drooled with anticipation at the feast before me. I lifted a cube to my mouth, scanned my surroundings to be sure no one was watching, and then plunged the cube directly into my left eye. As it sank past my lens and integrated into my retina, I was in Heaven. I audibly groaned at the otherworldly flavour of the sight filling my mind with beefy bliss. My bliss was suddenly interrupted, however, by the looks of disgust of my fellow patrons. The shame silenced me.

It was an eternity before they stopped staring and returned to their idle chatter.

I took my chance and grabbed one of the long strips with my bare hands. I would need as much dexterity as possible. I slowly and methodically slid the meat into my right eye, inch by inch, as grease and fat coated my eyelashes and dripped down my cheek, but I didn't care. I was finally consuming ACTUAL food. Once the slab was finished I set about devouring another, and another, and ANOTHER. Before I knew it my plate was empty, but I needed MORE. I lifted the slick plate and tilted my head back, pouring the delicious warm liquid into my eyeballs.

Even with gristle and fat drizzling down my neck and soaking my formerly white dress shirt, I was the happiest I'd been in my whole life. For the first time in my life, I felt satisfied.

I don't care that everyone saw, it was fucking worth it.

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