Security Camera #██████ Log
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PLEASE NOTE: Only the anomalous moments recorded by Security Camera #██████ have been transcribed into text. The times of the specific incidents have been noted.

02/21/20██: 3:12 AM

One of the double doors separating Foundation Relaxation Annex #4435 (FRA4435) from the corridor, originally closed, opens approximately 10 degrees. After three minutes, the door closes.

02/25/20██: 12:25 PM

Doctor █████████ is seen, through the doors, attempting to sit down on a chair within line-of-sight of the camera. The chair moves a foot behind him. Doctor █████████ lands on the floor. As █████████ gets up, with the assistance of other off-duty staff, laughing and cajoling is heard about █████████'s alcohol consumption.

02/28/20██: 7:23 PM

Agent █████ is seen in the hallway outside of FRA4435 doing wall flips. █████ is muttering and cursing to himself. During his third jump, █████'s right foot appears to become stationary at is highest point for half a second, before the agent is dropped downward with force. █████ does not seem to notice this, and treats the event as if he simply failed to make a full rotation.

03/02/20██: 2:43 PM

The doors to FRA4435 are open. A small object (later identified as a ping-pong ball) rolls into frame, out of the Annex. When the ball reaches the midpoint of the hallway, it abruptly stops. After a brief moment, the ball slowly rolls back against the wall the camera is facing. Agent ████ walks into frame, presumed to be looking for the ball. Upon discovery of the ball, ████ attempts to recover it. He struggles for three pulls, as if the ball had impossible weight, before falling backwards with the ball. Tossing the ball in his hand, ████ walks back into the Annex.

03/02/20██: 4:02 PM

Technician ███████'s face is in frame, moving the camera to a view directly looking into FRA4435. ███████'s face goes from boredom to annoyance, demanding that whoever is bumping the ladder to stop, lest he punish them physically. 4 seconds later, ███████'s face drops out of frame. No longer supported by its mechanical supports, the camera points downward, showing ███████'s body. His head is bent at an odd angle.

03/02/20██: 4:55 PM

Technician ████ is seen placing a standard "Investigation In Progress, Do Not Use" sticker on the door to FRA4435. After ████ walks away, the sticker falls off, landing in six pieces.

03/03/20██: 2:12 AM

The lights in FRA4435, formerly off, turn on for two minutes, then turn off again. Ten minutes later, the glass of one of the doors shatters outwards. Examination reveals that a bolt on one of the athletic machines failed catastrophically, flinging a 18kg weight through the door.

03/03/20██: 10 AM
Non-anomalous recording

FRA4435 is cordoned off. A thick plastic tarp blocks sight, but light from within shows multiple persons, walking around. The sounds heard of those inside performing a standard security examination.

03/03/20██: 11:01 PM

Researcher ████ is the last of a group of █ Researchers leaving the cordoned-off FRA4435. ████ calls to the rest, informing them that he left something inside. ████ returns inside, turning on a light. ████'s silhouette can be seen rummaging around. At 11:05 PM, ████ stands up straight. He does not move for █ hours, after which he walks out inconspicuously. He is met by three armed guards.

03/05/20██: 1 PM

Doctors ███ and ██████ are standing in front of the door to FRA4435, arguing about the lack of progress in solving the issues involving FRA4435. Doctor ███ believes that the Foundation knows which specific item inside FRA4435 is anomalous, and that the Foundation is sacrificing valuable staff to test it, instead of "throwing Ds at it like they should". Doctor ██████ disagrees, pointing out that all reports show inconclusive results, meaning that as far as the Foundation is aware, there is nothing anomalous about anything inside FRA4435.

Both of them turn to face the camera in unison.

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