Secure Facility Dossier: Site-98
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SCP Foundation Secure Facility Dossier

Official Designation: SCP Foundation Mid-Atlantic Dimensional Research and Containment Facility

Site Identification Code: USPAPH-Site-98

General Information


Site-98. Click to enlarge.

Founded: March 2nd, 1959

Founding Director: Dr. Nathaniel Bellford

Location: Philadelphia, United States of America

Cover Story: NASA-owned Assembly and Manufacturing Complex

Site Function: Object and Humanoid Containment, Technological Research Application, Anomalous Research and Development, Administrative

Size: Area of 14.87km2

Purpose: Site-98 functions as a Research facility dedicated to the study of anomalous items and phenomena as well as aid in containment. Site-98 is involved in a variety of top-secret Foundation projects and classified intel. Site-98 is known for developing ontokinetic technology utilized in Scranton Reality Anchors (SRAs) and Kant Counters and studies in extradimensional travel. Nearly all experiments involved with the Department of Extradimensional Anomalies take place below ground due to the danger posed by each testing.


Sector-A is a secure area for all Foundation personnel and staff. The layout of this area is defined by the use of Living Facilities, Lounge Areas, Cafeterias, Internal Offices, a Medical Wing, and a Vehicle Bay. Administrative staff members live under Sector-A1; A private area utilized by high-ranking members and isolated from Sector-A. Members of Sector-A1 have access to a conference room, private offices, director's main office, and a library. Anomalous items are restricted from entering Sector-A without proper clearance.

Sector-B Dimensional Testing Lab-06. Hover to enlarge.


Sector-B is defined as the primary research and development area. Various laboratories, computer labs, technical maintenance shafts, and databank server rooms are littered throughout the area. Site-98's Department of Extradimensional Anomalies is particularly well-known for their research of advanced dimensional studies and innovations in dimensional travel. Sector-B also functions as a containment zone exclusively for Safe to Euclid Class anomalies.

Sector-B hosts an isolated section (Sector-B2) for E-Class personnel and various other domiciles for those afflicted with anomalous phenomena as a result of accidental exposure. Various projects involving the practical application and weaponization of anomalies are often conducted within this part of the site. Most of this sector is situated above ground with the exception of certain anomalous items and beings capable of causing various K-Class Scenarios which are contained in Sector-C.


Sector-C focuses mainly on the containment of extremely dangerous Keter-Class anomalies. Security protocols and countermeasures in this zone are maintained by the technical research staff of Sector-B. Personnel assigned to this area consists of highly-trained agents and researchers with appropriate clearance codes assigned to their specified anomalies. Sector-C's power supply is separate from that of Site-98 and runs on its own generator with a backup in the event of human error or attacks from hostile Groups-of-Interest.

Due to the threats posed by much of the contained entities and objects within, Sector-C is located underground with the only portion of the sector remaining above ground being the site's maintenance elevator; which serves as the only entry and exit point accessible to Sector-C. Sector-C3 is another isolated section of the sector that functions as a containment unit for Thaumiel-Class anomalies. Only selected researchers and high-ranking agents are permitted with special clearance to work under Sector-C3.


Dr. Percival taking a shortcut from Sector-A to the Hydroponics Lab in Sector-B for a meeting.

Staffing Information


Director Harvey Henshaw

Site Director: Dr. Harvey Henshaw

Asst. Site Director: Dr. Johannes Tufto

Asst. Director of Personnel: Dr. Carol Carmichael

Asst. Director of Maintenance: Mark Leemond

Asst. Director of Facilities: Dr. Pietro Schmidt

Asst. Director of Research: Dr. Connor MacWarren

Asst. Director of Containment: Dr. Alice Phoenix

Asst. Director of Security: Agent Ryan Richardson

Asst. Director of Task Forces: Cmdr. Ulysses Ellison

Ethics Committee Liaison: Dr. Samantha Van Dallan

Extra-Universal Affairs Liaison: Dr. Wade Worthington

On-Site Psychologist: Dr. Bob Johnson

On-Site Personnel:

    Department Heads: 18

    Staff Doctors: 103

    Staff Researchers: 161

    Administrative Personnel: 17

    Maintenance or Janitorial: 110

    Security Personnel: 247

    D-Class: 498

    Other: 12

Anomaly Catalog

SCP Designation Object Class
SCP-037 Euclid
SCP-179 Thaumiel
SCP-1152 Safe
SCP-1287 Neutralized
SCP-2009 Keter
SCP-2115 Safe
SCP-2608 Safe
SCP-2703 Euclid
SCP-2716 Euclid
SCP-4156 Thaumiel
SCP-4192 Safe
SCP-4366 Euclid
SCP-4797 Thaumiel
SCP-4880 Safe
SCP-5423 Safe
SCP-5800 Keter
SCP-5895 Keter

Additional Information

Unlike the rest of its sister sites, Site-98's operations can be mostly found above ground working on the latest developments and breakthroughs in Hume counter and reality anchor stabilization technology. Site-98 is the leading research facility responsible for the various bleeding-edge technological advancements in anomalous containment.

Established in March of 1959 by Dr. Bellford as a provisional site around SCP-1287, Site-98 would later on expand its operations across the United States; setting up a secondary site under the same designation in Ohio underneath SCP-4156. This would eventually culminate with Dr. Gallmund, the second director of the site, announcing a new and permanent location for Site-98 with the other sites functioning as sister facilities within the city of Philadelphia.

Site-98 has had many of its directors come and go from Bellford, Gallmund, Davis, O'Marrin, to its current director; Harvey Henshaw. Each of which have brought changes to the site or influenced it to bring about significant changes in its directive. Site-98 has also had the least amount of containment breaches than any other site, despite much of the research being done involving crosstesting between other anomalies and the constant experimentation.

E-Class Staffing Information

While many individuals bring a variety of their own skills and talents to the Foundation, others afflicted by various anomalous phenomena bring far more than the average Foundation agent or researcher. Site-98 is particularly well-known for its Class E personnel.

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