Secure Facility Dossier: Site-56
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The Zeta-Unseelie project has been discontinued. Personnel assigned to ζU-2677's development have been reassigned to the Eta-Unseelie project. Containment specialists have been briefed on SCP-001's containment procedures.

You will be redirected to the Site-56 Facility Dossier shortly.

— Maria Jones, Asst. Director, RAISA

Secure Facility Dossier: Site-56

SCP Foundation Secure Facility Dossier

Official Designation: SCP Foundation Black Rock Desert Research and Containment Facility

Site Identification Code: USNVBR-Site-56

General Information


Site-56 western checkpoint at sunset. Click to enlarge.

Founded: May 26th, 1972

Founding Director: Dr. Christopher Schreck

Location: Black Rock Desert, Nevada, United States

Cover Story: Hancock Mining and Manufacturing Plant

Purpose: Mass Containment, Research, Task Force Deployment, Manufacturing, Detention Center

Size: Surface Area of 6.11km2

Site Overview

It is the opinion of Foundation Overwatch that USNVBR-Site-56 has faltered in its mission. It is significantly over budget, having taken on more responsibility than it could financially handle. Site-56 consistently leads the Foundation in employee turnover rates, and its Ethics Committee reports higher than average ethics violations. Most troubling of all, however, is that Site-56's topology has been extensively corrupted by its primary containment project, SCP-001.

Since 2001, SCP-001 has been in breach of its provisional containment. The valiant efforts of internal security forces have kept it physically confined to Sublevels 9 through 13 of Facility A; however, failure to properly contain it has lead to unacceptable alterations in the topology of Site-56 as a whole. New rooms, corridors, and even whole floors have been added anomalously to various facilities, and existing infrastructure has been frequently modified to increase complexity. Indeed, one of the most frequently used words in transfer requests has been "labyrinthine".

At the same time, Site-56 is responsible for the second most Special Containment Projects in the United States; if one were to count Unregistered Anomalies (URA), Site-56 would be second only to CNGDMD-Site-EN-08/CN-04, a joint containment site operated by two Foundation branches. Part of this is due to its location: Site-56 services much of Western America, including California. However, archivists have noted an alarming rise in URAs without recovery documentation — anomalies whose origins cannot be accounted for.

Under most circumstances, such issues would warrant dissolution and sanitation. It must be noted, however, that while SCP-001 is technically uncontained, it has consistently failed to escape Facility A's sublevels. Furthermore, while Site-56 has certainly reached its logistical limitations, it is one of the only large-scale containment sites for several hundred miles. Therefore: it is the opinion of the Office of O5-3 that incremental changes to the status quo would be less expensive than building another containment site.

To this end, Foundation Overwatch has appointed Dr. Agatha Drummond as Site Director. Dr. Drummond's work for GBENWM-Site-02 and USNYSH-Office-28 has resulted in significant increases in efficiency — despite negligible decreases in morale — as well as higher rates of employee retention.

It is the hope of Foundation Overwatch that Dr. Drummond will shape Site-56 into a force capable of permanently recontaining SCP-001.

Staffing Information


Site Director Agatha Drummond.

Site Director: Dr. Agatha Drummond

Asst. Site Director: Clara Montes

Asst. Dir. of Containment: Dr. Lydia Homme

Asst. Dir. of Facilities: Hassan Hajar

Asst. Dir. of Medicine: Dr. Rivka Yarkoni

Asst. Dir. of Personnel: Mia Cicerón

Asst. Dir. of Research: Dr. Anderson Harper

Asst. Dir. of Security: Nichole Reynolds

Asst. Dir. of Task Forces: Agent Jori Heiden

Asst. Dir. of Finances: [VACANT]

Asst. Dir. of Information Technology: [VACANT]

Asst. Dir. of Retention: [VACANT]

On-Site Personnel:

    Department Heads: 7

    Staff Doctors: 71

    Staff Researchers: 285

    Administrative Personnel: 297

    Maintenance or Janitorial: 1654

    Security/Field Personnel: 952

    D-Class: 31

    Other Personnel: 247

Containment Facilities and Wings

Containment and Administration Facility (Facility A): Facility A functions as the primary containment facility of Site-56, along with housing the Administration Wing and mess hall. Facility A is the oldest building within Site-56, having been the entirety of the site before its subsequent expansion. 3 floors and 13 sub-floors make up Facility A:

  • Floor 3: Administration Wing. Anomalies are forbidden from being brought onto this floor; those found are presumed to be SCP-001 byproducts, and marked for decommissioning.
  • Floor 2: Clerical Services Wing, Floor 2. Additionally, the Hancock Mining Corporation — a Foundation front company — operates from this level in order to offset costs.
  • Floor 1: Clerical Services Wing, Floor 1. Recreational facilities, such as the mess hall and gym, are also found on this level.
  • Subterranean Lv1: Research and Experimental Containment Wing. Due to the financial difficulties in operating Site-56, the work of Sublevel 1 is presently focused on reducing overhead costs.
  • Subterranean Lv2: Computational Anomaly Containment Wing, along with the seat of the IT Department and the primary infrastructure of the Site-56 Intranet. Containment devices are painted red.
  • Subterranean Lv3: Safe-Class Anomalous Storage Wing.
  • Subterranean Lv4: Humanoid and High-Value Anomalous Containment wings. The majority of objects on this sub-floor are under active experimentation.
  • Subterranean Lv5: High-Risk Anomaly Containment Wing. As Site-56 Command is incapable of installing biometric authentication in this level, no elevators lead to it directly; to this end, elevator landings on this sublevel are to be sabotaged.
  • Subterranean Lv6: Network-isolated electronic and paper archives, along with non-anomalous asset storage.
  • Subterranean Lv7: Function unknown. Does not appear in Facility A's blueprints.
  • Subterranean Lv8: Hub for maintenance tunnels and redundant support systems. Capable of providing ancillary power to Facility A in the event of a blackout.
  • Subterranean Lv9: Presently dedicated to the quarantine of the SCP-001 project from the rest of the facility. The SCP-001 project's containment zone takes up the remaining four sub-floors.
  • Subterranean Lv10: Dedicated to the containment of SCP-001.
  • Subterranean Lv11: Dedicated to the containment of SCP-001.
  • Subterranean Lv12: Dedicated to the containment of SCP-001.
  • Subterranean Lv13: Dedicated to the containment of SCP-001.

Mass Containment Facility (Facility B): Originally constructed to offset Facility A's responsibilities, Facility B has since been retrofitted for the mass-containment of humans and humanoid anomalies. However, rulings by the Site-56 Ethics Committee have severely restricted its use. 3 floors and 2 sub-floors make up Facility B:

  • Floor 3: Continuation of Floor 2.
  • Floor 2: Continuation of Floor 1.
  • Floor 1: Mass Humanoid Containment Wing. Containment cells are arranged into a panopticon configuration, with an observation tower in the middle. A recreational facility is present on the outside grounds.
  • Subterranean Lv1: Hub for maintenance tunnels and redundant support systems.
  • Subterranean Lv2: Provisional Sanitation Wing. The newest addition to Facility B, created to manage the sudden accumulation of deleterious anomalous substances in the Facility.

Temporary and Extraneous Materials Processing Facility (Facility D): The newest addition to Site-56, expected to be operable by 2010.1 Facility D will act as a cost-saving measure, processing superfluous anomalies and releasing much-needed resources for the benefit of the Site.



Site-56 on 25/10/1972.

Site-56 was formed with three objectives in mind:

  1. The expansion of the Kraken Protocol West of the Mississippi River.
  2. Observation of Nexus-31 ("Lily of the Valley") in the Mojave Desert.
  3. Circumventing USMABO-Site-19's2 tax obligations to the state of Massachusetts.

At present,3 Foundation Overwatch deems these objectives inadequately fulfilled, for the following reasons:

  1. Attempts to expand SCP-378's area of influence lead directly to the discovery of SCP-378-B. Funds allocated to the Site-56 Kraken Protocol branch were subsequently redirected to SCP-378-B's capture and containment, and Protocol duties remained with Site-19.
  2. Due to the fuel costs associated with travel between Reno and the Mojave, direct administration by Site-56 was eventually abandoned in favor of an in-Nexus Office.
  3. Upon the dissolution of the American Supernatural Containment Initiative, the Foundation reached an agreement with the US Government, wherein they would be allowed to operate in the United States on the condition they paid their full tax burden. The Internal Revenue Service's thaumaturges have consistently thwarted further attempts to avoid taxation.

The construction of Site-56 was marked by extensive setbacks. Efforts began on July 19th, 1965; one day later, the SCP-378 containment team accidentally alerted SCP-378-B to the Site's existence with a failed attempt to assimilate one of its hosts. As construction continued, direct interference from SCP-378-B was found to be assisted by an unseen destructive force. This force was never identified; however, the Department of Temporal Anomalies suspects it to be the retrocausal ramifications of SCP-001's containment breach.

By the time Site-56 was completed, the nearby USORPL-Site-64 — commissioned after the discovery of Three Portlands in August of 1970 — had been in operation for over 6 months.

Believing he needed to justify its existence, Director Christopher Schreck commissioned the Department of Mission Efficiency. Ostensibly, Mission Efficiency was established to manage the resources assigned to Site-56's primary objectives. However, documentation uncovered following Incident-001-CA implicates the Department in an extensive series of fraudulent activities, gradually increasing the scope of Site-56's duties until it became one of the largest and most important facilities in the Foundation.

Like all Foundation facilities in the United States, Site-56 initially operated beneath the notice of the United States government. This ended on January 29th, 1981, when an improperly labelled package sent from Site-56 was intercepted by the US Customs Service. Over the next six years, the US Government engaged in covert warfare against the SCP Foundation through PENTAGRAM,4 culminating in Incident-4776-A. In addition to the stress this conflict placed on the Foundation, it alerted other Groups of Interest to the existence and location of Site-56, opening it to further attack.

It should be noted that despite these setbacks, Site-56 was able to maintain the illusion of solvency for most of its existence. It would not be until Incident-001-CA that the true extent of its issues were brought to light.



Photograph taken by drone within Facility A, Subterranean Lv11. Context unknown.

Object Class: Keter

Threat Level: Black ●

Special Containment Procedures: Since its founding in 1924, one of the primary missions of the SCP Foundation has been the containment of SCP-001. Though not necessarily the most "dangerous" anomaly, the support of several Foundation backers (including Sandburg-Crow-Pandey and the Schaeffer Family Trust) is contingent upon the containment of SCP-001 by 2024.

There have been seven attempts to devise a containment mechanism for SCP-001. The seventh, designated the "Eta-Unseelie" project, is ongoing, focused primarily on undoing the damage caused by the failure of Zeta-Unseelie and Incident-001-CA.

Description: SCP-001 is a physical embodiment of the Pluripotent Entity known as "The Unseelie Queen".5 According to historical record, SCP-001 was the patron goddess of the Daevite city of Soronești, in modern-day Moldova, representing empire, conquest, deception, and change.

The presence of SCP-001 is deleterious to topology, identity, and probability. In addition to its effects upon Site-56, SCP-001 has transformed the lowest five sublevels of Facility A into an enormous and misshapen labyrinth.

There is evidence to suggest that SCP-001 retrocausally changed its Foundation designation. Upon its classification on May 26th, 1956, there had already been an SCP-001. Furthermore, the 5257 slot was found to be non-functional. In lieu of assigning SCP-001 to an open slot, however, Overwatch Command instituted the SCP-001 Proposal system, something that has caused considerable confusion in the years since; all proposals to abolish this system have been delayed, lost, or struck down on technicalities.

Incident-001-CA: On June 30th, 1973, the Department of Mission Efficiency submitted a request for SCP-001's transfer to Site-56. However, this request would not be reviewed until February 2nd, 2001. Just before its review, DEHEKS-Site-06-2 — then SCP-001's assigned site — suffered a catastrophic containment breach that left it unsuitable for further use. Conveniently, SCP-001 was left in a seemingly comatose state, its anomalous abilities severely weakened.

The request was approved, and SCP-001 was subsequently transferred to Site-56 along with the Zeta-Unseelie project. Zeta-Unseelie would produce a working prototype containment unit on May 25th, and on May 26th, SCP-001 was transferred into the device.

There are no records of what happened next; according to archival data, no one was present for its activation.

Since Incident-001-CA, SCP-001 has been in continuous breach of containment. Years of mismanagement have left Site-56 incapable of recontaining it. Indeed: it is entirely possible that SCP-001's influence will hinder the containment of present and future anomalies.


Congratulations, you're the new head of Retention. No, you don't get a choice; you of all people know better than that.

This isn't your official letter, so I'm not bothering to sugarcoat it: it's as fucked as it sounds, aye. 001's a nightmare, and it's been in the hands of clowns for well on five years. Really makes you miss Cunningham, yeah?

Look: you're gonna get my official letter, and it's going to recommend the same auld, same auld. Don't bother. I'm telling you right now: now's the time for a hardass. The Foundation's a bunch of fascists, and you need to bring the helicopters. Let them get soft? Biggest site this side of the Atlantic goes the way of 06-2. Aye, they'll hate you; but you do your job and they'll live to hate you.

We'll turn this place around yet.

Agatha Yaeko Drummond

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