Secure Facility Dossier: Site-43


SCP Foundation Secure Facility Dossier

Research and Containment Site-43

Official Designation: SCP Foundation Lake Huron Research and Containment Facility

Site Identification Code: CAONCI-Site-43

General Information


Ipperwash Provincial Park

Site Function: Site-43 is a research hub for acroamatic abatement and historical analysis, and the Foundation's largest Canadian research and containment facility. Cover-up and monitoring efforts relating to the surrounding Briar-class Nexus-94 are coordinated from this location.

Founded: 1 April 1943

Founding Director: Dr. V. Lesley Scout

Location: Ipperwash Provincial Park, Lambton County, Ontario, Canada

Cover Story: Lake Huron Supply, Control and Purification (water distillation and delivery)

Size: 372 000 m2 (floor area, subterranean) / 56 hectares (interdiction range, surface)

Site Overview

Site-43 has a reputation within the SCP Foundation — not necessarily a positive one — for imaginative, adaptive responses to awkward containment challenges.


Multiple anomalies are only partially contained, and dozens in the surrounding area are not contained at all. One has hounded a Site employee for eighteen years, and the effects of another are ameliorated by the creation of even more uncontained anomalies by a Person of Interest allied with the Site executive. In each case these solutions are the most effective, most efficient, and least disruptive available. Visitors from other Sites frequently find the wandering mirror monster, the lake full of man-eating panther chimeras, the annual esoteric effluence explosion and the self-replicating subterranean refinery disconcerting. Variations of the following joke can be heard at almost every Foundation facility: "Is it actually uncontained, or is it just at Site-43?"

This jibe effaces a remarkable fact about the Lake Huron Research and Containment Facility: set against Sites of comparable size, its containment breach record is admirable. Sustainable, rational approaches to often-unruly subjects crafted by a creative and engaged academic community are the true foundation of this relative success.


Operational Sections map. Click to enlarge.

Site-43's atypical containment philosophy is an artifact of its creation, the full story of which is told elsewhere. In brief: the need to uncover anomalies attested in historical sources which have not yet become Veil-piercing threats, and the need to handle the many thousands of tons of esoteric material produced by over five thousand SCP objects in containment, led to the establishment of a joint facility in a remote location with access to clean water. Ensconced in the bedrock under Ipperwash Provincial Park, the Archives and Revision Section has scoured history for anomalous events and the Acroamatic Abatement Section has scoured esoteric effluence of its harmful properties for over seventy years. The success of that collaboration led to an expanded academic network at Site-43, which in turn led to our present system of federated Theoretical and Practical Sections. The sense that Site-43, by virtue of its location in Canada, is the "backwater" of the Foundation's North American holdings has also contributed to its close-knit and informal collegiate atmosphere.

Academic Output (Selected)

Blank, Dr. Harold R. "Dead Dogs, Magic Mounties: CLIO-4, OSAT and Site-43." Praeterita, vol. 52 no. 2 (Summer 2020): 10-21.

Okorie, Dr. Udo A. "Everything You Need to Know About Acroamatic Abatement But Were Too Confused by the Name to Ask." Gunk: The Journal of the Acroamatic Abatement Group, vol. 81 no. 4: 18-29.

All Sections Chief. "Whose Lake Is It Anyway? Site-43 and the Ipperwash Crisis." Crossroads, vol. 17 (2020): 47-57.

Staffing Information


Dir. McInnis

Site Director: Dr. Allan J. McInnis

All-Sections Chief: [EXPUNGED].The All-Sections Chief is a resident of Nexus-94 and a known public figure.

On-Site Personnel: 562

All activities at Site-43 are overseen by an Operational Section, either Theoretical or Practical. The Theoretical Sections behave as federated academic units, conducting research and colloquiums. The Practical Sections perform more technical work.

The "Chair" of each Theoretical Section is a staff member with PhD or MD qualifications; the "Chief" of each Practical Section is a staff member whose qualifications vary from field to field. The All-Sections Chief oversees all inter-Sectional interactions.

Per a request from the Records and Information Security Administration, to counter misinformation about Site-43 and encourage the growth of our academic community, the Chairs and Chiefs were asked to submit the informal "elevator pitch" descriptions of their Sections appearing below. For formal data, access the peer-reviewed publications appended above or contact the Hiring and Regulation Section via SCiPNET.

— A.J. McInnis, Director, Site-43

Theoretical Sections

Archives and Revision


Chair: Dr. Harold R. Blank
The victors are written by history.

If the SCP database is to be believed, the Foundation is perennially late to the party. The police, the papers, the government or the public at large find out about most anomalies first, and we react. We clean up the mess, we amnesticize the witnesses, and we capture the entity/take custody of the object/lock down the location. Archives and Revision exists to reverse that scenario: we comb over historical documents, identify trends, and thereby discover anomalies which have not yet caused a scene. And when the dust settles, we re-write the official story in case someone else follows in our footsteps and makes the same connections.
Arms and Equipment


Chair: Dr. Trevor Bremmel
Use it or lose it.

Flip a coin. Heads, we're allowed to use anomalies offensively. Tails, we're not. Flip it again tomorrow. That's how the Foundation has handled the issue for the past few decades. Training anomalies to be soldiers, training non-anomalous soldiers to use anomalous weapons, or simply employing anomalies for tactical advantage isn't always an option. Our job requires flexibility, so our rules are flexible too. What is always an option is learning enough about the items in our inventory to replicate some of their effects for our own purposes. That's what A&E does.
Health and Pathology


Chair: Dr. Helena R. Forsythe
Sometimes an apple a day just doesn't cut it.

Foundation staff still get the common cold. They get the flu, food poisoning, ear infections and the entire range of deadlier maladies. We at Health and Pathology handle that. Foundation staff also get consumed by sentient micro-organisms, transmogrified into household plants, de-aged and gender-swapped and turned inside out in some cases. We at Health and Pathology also handle that.
Memetics and Countermemetics


Chair: Dr. Lillian S. Lillihammer
Let's put our heads together.


And now you know.
Psychology and Parapsychology


Chair: Dr. Nhung T. Ngo
And why does that make you feel?

Being trapped in a strange, confined space is terrifying. You feel helpless, alone, unloved and unwanted. The walls close in, and you wonder if you'll ever be allowed to leave. If you'll ever see your loved ones again. At Psychology and Parapsychology, we help to ease those feelings of fear, guilt, worry and disgust. We offer the same service to our subjects in containment.
Quantum Supermechanics


Chair: Dr. Xinyi Du
Letting the cat out of the box.

In layman's terms, the Quantum Supermechanics Section does insane nonsense. Only the highest-level researchers in the Section can comprehend what we do in technical terms. In between, there's this explanation: we study minute variations in the rules governing our universe, and the rules governing universes which are not ours, and the rules governing universes which do not exist, and exploit the differences for scientific gain. If that made sense, you're either in the wrong Section or reading the Secure Facility Dossier when you should be working on the quantum gravity problem.
Research and Experimentation


Chair: Dr. Melissa Bradbury
The theory of everything else.

R&E is the backbone of Site-43. That means we do all the heavy lifting, and people only think about us when they think we're not working. We carry out tests, do replication studies, conduct autopsies, coordinate collaborative research projects, and generally do everything scientific that doesn't have a Theoretical Section dedicated to it. Only polymaths need apply.
Spectrometry and Spectremetry


Chair: Dr. Polyxeni Mataxas
Coast to coast.

No, we're not ghost chasers. We're ghost measurers. Before you start into us, please consider the nature of the scientific method. We have a toolkit of rational apparatus for understanding complex phenomena, and with enough rigour and evidence we can make sense of even the most seemingly arcane occurrences. We're not History Channel hacks in vans with cameras; we're scientists in vans with cameras.
Theology and Teleology


Chair: Dr. Michael D. Nass
Everyone's a critic.

New Foundation personnel are often overwhelmed by the scale and scope of the paranormal world. They might be forgiven for imagining that every religion, cult, and crackpot conspiracy theorist they've ever so much as heard of was probably on to something good. If they can't disabuse themselves of that idea after a few weeks, they won't be forgiven any longer. If they can't disabuse themseves of that idea ever, they come to work at Theology and Teleology, where we digest mythology and excrete scientific gain.

Practical Sections

Acroamatic Abatement


Chief: Dr. Ilse Reynders
Flush with enthusiasm.

When your plumbing breaks, your bathroom floods. When our plumbing breaks, the world becomes an uninhabitable wasteland. At Acroamatic Abatement, we turn the noxious goop that Applied Occultism can no longer stand to look at into gunk and goop which they don't have to. We can't always break it down, but we can at least turn it into something which won't reverse the flow of time or turn people into sentient semantics.
Administration and Oversight


Chief: Dr. Karen T. Elstrom
Behind you all the way.

The logistics of running a Site this large would be staggering on their own. Combined with the logistics of managing Nexus-94, they're well beyond Herculean. But we've got over a century of bureaucracy theory to fall back on, which takes our task from the realm of the impossible to the realm of the merely frustrating.
Applied Occultism


Chief: Dr. Udo A. Okorie
Try, try, try to understand.

We're not wizards at Applied Occultism, we're scientists practicing a very odd science. Every anomaly in Foundation custody breaks the rules of reality, and we want to know why. Sometimes that means banging them together. Sometimes it means tearing them apart. It always means, however, finding out what they mean.
Emergent Threat Tactical Response Authority


Chief: Dr. Daniil Sokolsky
I meant to do that.

In the wake of General George Bowe's unprecedented attack on the Foundation, using our own anomalous arsenal against us, Overwatch Command empowered ETTRA to explore alternative solutions to the problems posed by hostile Groups of Interest. We are now tasked with preparing proactive responses to situations which do not yet exist; we defeat ourselves in our own minds, so that nobody else will ever be able to.
Hiring and Regulation / Habitation and Sustenance



Chief: Noor Zaman
Herding half-cats.

Academics are inherently disorganized and unsociable. They bicker, they feud, they hold grudges and symposia. At H&R, we develop the human resources equivalent of Special Containment Procedures to keep them in line: protocols, paperwork, training and performance reviews.

Academics need to eat, sleep, and be merry. They don't always know when, or how, they should do those things. H&S is responsible for making sure our personnel don't fall down on the job, because if we do fall, the world falls with us.

Identity and Technocryptography


Chief: Maximilien Vroom
Call us, we won't call you.

A corporate information technology department has to deal with people stepping on their laptops, looking at pornography on their desktops, dropping their telephones in the toilet and leaving their tablets on the subway. The Identity and Technocryptography Section has to deal with all of that, with the additional burden of knowing that if we handle it poorly, the consequences will be much worse than a few angry end users.
Janitorial and Maintenance


Chief: Amelia O. Torosyan
If it ain't broke, you're welcome.

The average Foundation researcher encounters five computers, two tablets, one cellphone, four chairs, three tables, one desk, one vending machine, and fourteen things which will kill them if they break over the course of their work day. We're not responsible for compiling statistics like that; we're responsible for making sure those researchers don't become part of a much grimmer set of statistics, by keeping that machinery and furniture in good nick.
Nexus Affairs


Chief: All-Sections Chief
Don't look, don't touch.

As Site-43's primary interaction with Nexus-94 is consultation with local elders, Nexus Affairs personnel spend most of their time handling problem individuals: government employees and tourists. We like to wave at the anomalies as they pass by, except for the ones which treat that as an act of aggression. We hide from those.
Pursuit and Suppression


Chief: Delfina M. Ibanez
Load and lock.

Every addendum you've ever read about the acquisition of an anomaly has involved people like us, doing what we do. We're the folks in the unmarked helicopters and the black APCs, with the high-tech gear and the high-tech weapons and the high mortality rate. We bag 'em, you tag 'em.
Security and Containment


Chief: Hachiro Kuroki
In front of closed doors.

You know what we do. It's in the masthead. Those three words that are so familiar, you roll your eyes when someone says them out loud. Securing, containing, and protecting is such an obvious part of our lives, the background noise of our employment, that it's easy to lose sight of what it really means. And that's when people get hurt. We think about containment breaches every day, so you never have to see one.

Anomalies Under the Jurisdiction of Site-43

ID Number Object Class
SCP-001 Aegis
SCP-5054-EX Explained
SCP-5056 Euclid/Memet
SCP-5109 Safe
SCP-5162 Pending
SCP-5238 Maksur
SCP-5243 Keter
SCP-5281-D Decommissioned
SCP-5295 Continua
SCP-5358 Euclid
SCP-5379 Uncontained
SCP-5382 Thaumiel
SCP-5416 Neutralized
SCP-6591 Safe
SCP-5479 Keter
SCP-5486 Keter
SCP-5488 Euclid
SCP-5494 Ticonderoga
SCP-5496 Truculent
SCP-5520 Archon
SCP-5524 Anomalous
SCP-5616 Euclid-Gödel
SCP-5618 Apollyon
SCP-5681 Safe
SCP-5698 Keter
SCP-5729 Kušum
SCP-5751 Cernunnos
SCP-5756 Safe
SCP-5866 Tiamat
SCP-5883 Entos
SCP-5889 Keter
SCP-5897 Keter
SCP-5904 Keter
SCP-5956 Antithesis
SCP-5974 Conscientia
SCP-5977 Eparch
SCP-6056 Damballah
SCP-6121 Archived
SCP-6123 Keter
SCP-6263 Simpatico
SCP-6382 Flor Galana
SCP-6484 Gevurah
SCP-6519 Ether
SCP-6622 Archon
SCP-6643 Gleipnir
SCP-6721 Khonsu
SCP-6858 Argus
SCP-6965 Drygioni
SCP-7000 Inimical
SCP-7056 Sapientia
SCP-7128 Safe

Notable Containment Incidents

8 September annually

SCP-5243: is a recurrent containment breach.

8 September 2020

SCP-5056, SCP-5243: An uncontained anomaly and one member of the Site-43 staff were present in Acroamatic Abatement Facility AAF-D during the annual cascade containment failure, for unknown reasons.

2 November 2020

SCP-5056, SCP-5382, SCP-5494, SCP-5520: An assault by multiple hostile Groups of Interest was inadvertently thwarted by the atypical containment solutions pursued at Site-43.

1 January 2021

SCP-5109: Multiple breaches, mostly intentional, during a sting operation by the Emergent Threat Tactical Response Authority.

22 January 2021

SCP-5866 breached containment with the apparent aid of Dr. Brenda Corbin of the Theology and Teleology Section. Despite a significant mustering of Foundation resources to combat the anticipated threat to the Veil, neither SCP-5866 nor Dr. Corbin have since been sighted.

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