Secure Facility Dossier: Site-418

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SCP Foundation Secure Facility Dossier


Official Designation: SCP Foundation Minecraft Research and Informational Containment Facility

Site Identification Code: VEISA-Site-418

General Information

Inaugurated: 12/8/2011


Designation Location
Site-418-α Located inside SCP-████, a Minecraft server possessing useful anomalous qualities.
(former Site-M1)
Built within SCP-4335's habitat.
Site-418-γ Distributed facility on Letters Network, a Minecraft server network under the control of Letters Entertainment known for hosting anomalous activity.
(JP: Site‑81M3)
Under the jurisdiction of the Japanese Branch. Non-anomalous Minecraft server, hosted at Site-81BB.
(CN: Site‑CN‑118)
Under the jurisdiction of the Chinese Branch. Non-anomalous "modded" Minecraft server network, hosted at Site-CN-71.

Founder & Director: Dr. Henry "dr__henry" Friedman

Site Overview

"Systematic Containment with Playability"

Site-418, the Foundation's first (and currently only) virtual containment facility, is built within the popular video game Minecraft, and is responsible for containing anomalies that are difficult to contain in the real world, such as informational para-organisms, as well as monitoring organizations and anomalies of concern that exist within Minecraft and the surrounding community. Most containment, experimentation, and maintenance work at Site-418 is done by the Minecraft Division, a division of the Foundation that specializes in containment and research relating to Minecraft.

When it was first designed, Site-418 (then known as Site-M1) was built to contain SCP-4335 exclusively, and was not intended to contain any other anomaly. Initially, it was thought that there were so few anomalies in the game that there was no need to create an entire department specifically for Minecraft. However, as Minecraft saw a resurgence in popularity, several anomalies surfaced within the game and the surrounding community, so Site-418 was redesigned to accommodate them. Initially, Site-418 was to be treated as a secondary facility to Site-15, but due to speculation of possible interference caused by SCP-4645, plans were revised and Site-418 was designed as a series of standalone containment facilities.

The main mission of Site-418 is to monitor and contain anomalies that exist in Minecraft, and to house physical anomalies that are deemed extremely difficult to contain in physical Sites that have been transferred into Minecraft using SCP-████. Owing to its popularity and the relative creative freedom the game gives to its players, Minecraft has become a popular medium for anomalies. In addition, some Groups of Interest regularly engage in anomalous activity on Minecraft servers. As a result, the Minecraft community was determined to be a worthy target of Foundation surveillance, and the Minecraft Division, a department dedicated to investigating and containing them, was established.

Minecraft is a survival game developed by Mojang, a subsidiary of Microsoft, which allows for players to set up their own multiplayer servers. As mentioned earlier, the existence of multiple anomalies based in Minecraft has been confirmed by the Foundation. However, since the base game itself does not possess any anomalous qualities or pose any threat, no attempts have been made to contain Minecraft as a whole at this time. Interviews with Microsoft executives also revealed that Microsoft did not interfere in any way with the creation of these anomalies; however, due to the discovery of multiple anomalies that appear to originate from Microsoft (such as SCP-892, SCP-4943, etc.), and the company's policy of keeping much of its technology a secret, it is speculated that the company is somehow involved in the creation or maintenance of several anomalies. As such, the Foundation is currently considering designating Microsoft as a Group of Interest.

Anomalies Under the Jurisdiction of Site-418

ID Number Object Class Branch Site
SCP-4335 Keter Site-418-β
SCP-6468 Safe Site-418-δ

Site-418-δ Layout

Because Site-418 consists of virtual containment facilities, it can be built without restrictions posed by the presence of other buildings or safety regulations. Because of this, several staff members have been freely building onto and decorating Site-418-δ in their free time. As a result, the structure looks very complicated on the outside, though it is actually designed to be practical and convenient to some extent.

Floor 01

The first floor of Site-418-δ is located at y=42 through y=54 and consists of living quarters for staff, a book depository with filled reports, a farm, and a cafeteria. No anomalies are contained in this area.

Floor 02

The second floor, located between y=54 through y=77, is where the bulk of experiments take place. Containment cells and experimental facilities made of obsidian have been created. There is also an inter-server transfer portal, which allows for items to be transferred to and from other servers using an anomalous ritual; this allows for access to other branches of Site-418 as well as external servers.

Floor 03

The third floor exists between y=78 and y=90, and contains extremely dangerous anomalies, most of which are Keter-class. There is also a command-block-based explosive that can be operated only by the administrator to self-destruct the entire facility in the event of a severe containment breach.

Server Room

The server room hosting Site-418-δ is located in Site-81BB. Originally, it was planned for Site-418 to be built at Site-15, but this plan was frozen after the possibility of interference by SCP-4645 was identified.

Staffing Information

Monitoring Team

Description: Investigation of anomalies that exist on external Minecraft servers and infiltration of Minecraft-based GoIs.

# of Members: 35

Leader: Dr. Yukino "makiyuki0938" Makimiya

Software Engineering Team

Description: Administration of the Site-418 servers and development of plugins used in containment.

# of Members: 29

Leader: Researcher Suda "blootanapsk" Nafu

Recovery Team

Description: Recovery and containment of anomalous entities in external Minecraft servers.

# of Members: 38

Leader: Agent Aimee "aimeeeee" Adams

Research Team

Description: Reverse engineering of anomalies such as SCP-2639-C, SCP-████, etc., and research into methods of safely containing anomalies that exist in the real world within Minecraft.

# of Members: 45

Leader: Dr. Henry "dr__henry" Friedman

Associated Task Forces


Mobile Task Force Edna-84 ("And Thus Upon His Crucible")

This task force consists of personnel who excel at PvP in multiple video games, and was originally formed to contain SCP-4335. The unit is primarily responsible for recovering anomalies and infiltrating Groups of Interest.


Mobile Task Force Digamma-26 ("Bedwars Sweats")

This task force specializes in Minecraft "minigame" servers and other non-persistent Minecraft worlds, where resources gathered may not last more than a few hours before the world resets.


Mobile Task Force 辛卯-17 ("梦想之城Castle of Dreams")

This task force is composed of Minecraft parkour and speedrun experts, and is often activated to quickly give chase to players or anomalous entities.


Mobile Task Force ま-6 ("ブランチマイナーBranch Miners")

This task force specializes in long-term containment operations and is trained in the design, implementation and utilization of "bot" programs that perform tasks for players.

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