Secure Facility Dossier: Site-11

SCP Foundation Secure Facility Dossier


Official Designation: SCP Foundation Mid-Western Research and Manufacturing Facilities.

Site Identification Code: USMILA-Site-11

General Information

Purpose: Site-11's primary objective is to serve as a research station with industrial/manufacturing facilities. Site-11’s secondary objective is to serve as a housing unit for anomalous entities until they can be properly relocated to a standard containment facility.

Founded: August 9th, 1925

Location: Capital Region International Airport and surrounding area, North Lansing, Michigan, United States.


Capital Region International Airport

Notable Above Ground Facilities:

  • Capital Region International Airport. Includes 840 acres (3.40 km2; 1.31 sq mi) of property near the terminal and runways.
  • Dakota Grove’s manufacturer/supply and assembly plant for General Motors. Includes 111 acres (0.32 km2; 0.12 sq mi) of property with multiple industrial plants.
  • Foundation owned franchises including but not limited to: McDonalds, Dollar General, Marathon Gas.
  • Foundation owned apartment complex for Foundation personnel as well as civilians.

Cover Story: Site-11 is built around and under dozens of square kilometers of town space and business in North Lansing, Michigan. The SCP Foundation operates under shell companies as well as franchises to deter suspicion.

Size: Total Land Area of 59km2

Restricted Sections


Drawn Depiction of Site-11

Notice: All ‘Restricted Sections’ of Site-11 that are off limits to Non-Foundation personnel unless authorized by Site Administration.

Non-Foundation personnel discovered within the ‘Restricted Sections’ of Site-11 without proper authorization from Site Administration are to be taken to the Medical Ward on Floor-5 of Section-C for immediate amnestic treatment.

Section A: Located under Capital Region International Airport

  • Hangar Bay 1 and 2.
  • Floor 1: Aircraft Maintenance/Construction Bay.
  • Floor 2: General Item Storage warehouse.
  • Floor 3: Monorail Access to Section-C.
  • Floor 4: Mobile Task Force Storage warehouses.
  • Floor 5: Gun-Range. Security Offices 1-5

Section B: Located under Dakota Grove’s manufacturer plant

  • Floor 1 to 4: Manufacturing Bay.
  • Floor 5 & 6: Equipment Testing Facility
  • Floor 7: Monorail Access to Section-C. Cafeteria.
  • Floor 8 Security Office. Site-Dormitories Block 1-7
  • Floor 9: Research-Labs Room: 1-15.

Section C:

  • Floor 1: Administrative Offices.
  • Floor 2: Monorail Access to Section-A. Research-Labs: 16-30
  • Floor 3: Research-Labs room: 31-45. Head Security Office.
  • Floor 4: Site-Dormitories Block 8-14. Department-head Offices.
  • Floor 5: Site-Dormitories Block 15-20. Medical-Ward.
  • Floor 6: Monorail Access to Section-B. Cafeteria.
  • Floor 7: Research-Labs room: 46-60
  • Floor 8: Class-D Dormitories. Security Office.
  • Floor 9: Safe/Euclid Class Containment.
  • Floor 10-12: Keter Class Containment.

Staffing Information


Head of Security Major Jason Eiden

Site Director: Dr. Jordan Lee Graham

Asst. Site Director: Dr. John Bension

Asst. Dir. of Personnel: Dr. Martha Gschwind

Asst. Dir. of Facilities: Dr. Kirstin Meyers

Asst. Dir. of Research: Dr. Thomas Reed

Asst. Dir. of Security: Major Jason Eiden

Asst. Dir. of Containment: Dr. Rose Sia Foster

Asst. Dir. of Task Forces: Commander Jack Eiden

On-Site Personnel:

    Department Heads: 48

    Medical Staff: 26

    Staff Researchers: 978

    Administrative Personnel: 34

    Sanitation Engineers: 80

    Security Personnel: 840

    D-Class: 425

    Civilian Employees: 1267

Additional Information

Site-11 is a large-scale Foundation facility located in the mid-western United States consisting of an entire self-sustaining community including residential housing, commercial businesses, and industrial/manufacturing facilities as well as an extensive underground containment and research complex. The Foundation maintains strict tracking of all personnel and civilians within Site-11 and as such, the facility is often used as a safe location for personnel requiring additional security and protection.

Due to the number of commercial businesses and large scale manufacturing complexes, the SCP Foundation has taken to hiring local civilians to assist in running shell companies as well as to aid in manufacturing and assembly lines. Civilians under the Foundation’s employ are to be treated as level 0.

Site-11 is outfitted to handle and maintain anomalous entities of Object-Class: Keter and below. However, due to Site-11's primary objective of researching and manufacturing, Site-11 does not serve as a main containment facility. Instead, Site-11 serves as temporary housing for anomalous entities and objects.

Anomalies Currently Under the Jurisdiction of Site-11

ID Number Object Class
SCP-986 Safe
SCP-1749 Euclid
SCP-4332 Euclid
SCP-5015 Archon
SCP-6477 Safe

Log of Anomalies Once Stationed At Site-11.

Item #: SCP-5700 (SCP-5700-4)
Object Class: Keter
Reason For Temporary Containment: SCP-5700-4 was housed at Site-11 while arrangement for permanent living chambers could be arranged at Site-17.
Date of Containment: July 3, 1979
Duration of Stay: 21 days.
Notes: N/A

Item #: SCP-953.
Object Class: Keter
Reason For Temporary Containment: Due to a redesign in SCP-953's containment cell at Site-17, SCP-953 was temporarily relocated to Site-11 until the construction of the newly modification containment cell was finished. After the period of construction, SCP-953 was relocated back to Site-17 with relatively minor incidences.
Date of Containment: October 1, 2017
Duration of Stay: 25 days.
Notes: Please see Incidence Log #29C for further information.

Item #: SCP-4976
Object Class: Safe
Reason For Temporary Containment: SCP-4976 was stationed at Site-11 when manufacturing staff became low because of the ‘General Motors’ Strike of 2019. Junior Researcher Hernandez was transferred over to Site-11 to help maintain effective production levels. Hernandez was set up in one of the apartment complexes at Site-11 for the duration of their transfer.
Date of Containment: September 15, 2019
Duration of Stay: 40 days.
Notes: Please see Incidence Log #23D for further information.

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Notable Incidence Log.

Date: December 9, 1941
Incident #: 12A
Description of Events: Due to a sudden increase in civilian manufacturing orders as well as an increase in difficulties retrieving raw materials, scheduled manufacturing for Foundation equipment and vehicles had been brought to a standstill.
Duration of Incident: 5 weeks.
Additional Notes: Site-11 was able to secure a supply line of raw materials for manufacturing through the use of contracts with third party organizations. Manufacturing was slowed for the duration of the war.

Date: March 12, 1960
Incident #: 86A
Description of Events: A minor tremor was felt at ‘Capital Region International Airport’. The direct cause of the tremor was an explosion of an experimental jet engine under the project: “Ducks-Fly-Too”. Three Foundation engineers were killed in the blast, eight were wounded and brought to the Medical Ward in Section-C. A Foundation Public Incidence Team was able to brush off the tremor as ‘Nothing worth noting’. Amnestic treatment was given to members of the press that tried to dig too deep into the incident.
Duration of Incident: 2 days.
Additional Notes: Project “Ducks-Fly-Too” was postponed till April 20, 1960.

Date: June 26, 2010
Incident #: 8B
Description of Events: Reports of a figure in an old fashioned suit and top hat that appeared within the confines of ‘Restricted Section-C’ of Site-11. The figure was reported to run ‘sporadically’ down the hallways, dropping strips of gold paper similar to typical tickets1 with a red stamp on one side with written texts:

“Press here for access to Stacker's Coffeehouse and Bar!”
The figure vanished after seemingly ripping one of the tickets, once they were confronted by Site security.
Duration of Incident: 6 minutes.
Additional Notes: Similar events have occurred at Site-17, Site-27, Site-34, and Site-88. All instances of the golden strips have been taken to Site-27 after thaumaturgic properties were discovered.

Date: October 15, 2017
Incident #: 29C
Description of Events: Security personnel apprehended Agent Gallagher after alarms were sounded on Floor-11 of Section-C: ‘Keter Class Containment Facility’. Agent Gallagher was found stumbling around towards the ‘100meter Safe Zone’ of SCP-953's temporary holding cell.
Duration of Incident: 2 minutes.
Additional Notes: Agent Gallagher was found to be intoxicated while on shift at the time. After sobering up in a holding cell, Agent Gallagher was promptly terminated from his position, given amnestic treatment, and demoted to Class-D for three weeks, given the identification code:D-101517.

Date: October 29, 2017
Incident #: 30C
Description of Events: D-Class D-101517, while stationed as a clerk at Foundation operated ‘Dollar General’, broke into the liquor cabinet and proceeded to get intoxicated while on shift, without management knowledge. The situation was brought to management's attention once D-101517 started to insult civilian customers.
Duration of Incident: 45 minutes.
Additional Notes: D-101517's period of demotion was increased from three weeks to three months.

Date: September 15, 2019
Incident #: 23D
Description of Events: 90% of the ‘Civilian Manufacturing Staff’ had to be laid off due to a lack of civilian orders from the automotive company ‘General Motors’. The sudden decrease of orders was a result of a 48,000 person walkout, organized by the ‘United Automobile Workers Union’. The sudden lack of civilian production saw a sizable decrease in Site-11 fundings for the duration of the strike.
Duration of Incident: 40 days.

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