Secure Facility Dossier: Site-106

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SCP Foundation Secure Facility Dossier

Storage and Surveillance Site-106

Official Designation: SCP Foundation Department of Procurement and Liquidation Headquarters

Site Identification Code: USFLMI-Site-106


General Information

Site Function: Detection, investigation, purchase, storage, and liquidation of minor anomalies with containment priority below the standard SCP object threshold ("anomalous items")

Founded: October 7 1971

Founding Director: Agent Trenton "Trent" Stamford

Location: Miami, Florida

Cover Story: Stamford Commercial Parcelling, fulfillment centre (Site-106); Snooze 'n' Cruise Palace #293, hotel (Outpost-106).

Size: 100 000m2 + numerous satellite facilities

Facility Overview

Site-106 was, for much of its existence, more of an obligation than a necessity. Due to the increased population of non-permanent residents in Florida during the latter half of the 20th century from the booming tourist industry, surveillance outposts were established in several major cities throughout the state. While Regional Command-352 existed in the Gainesville area, it alone was ineffective at providing coverage for the entire region.

Following the establishment of Site-309 in Orlando, Outpost-106 was put in place in Miami, with an existing, vacant hotel used to establish a surveillance facility. The original goal of the Outpost was to monitor anomalous activity in the Miami area, and then report it to facilities which could contain or measure anomalous phenomena. However, by the end of the 1970s, its purpose would greatly expand.

In the Summer of 1979, a mass outbreak of anomalous phenomena occurred in the Miami area, as far north as Boca Raton and down towards Ft. Lauderdale. Agent Hubert Ruyter, a Foundation psychometrist, traced these anomalies to an antique store near the coast, which contained a total of over 3 000 distinct anomalous items. A safety deposit box associated with the store showed the existence of dozens of similar facilities across the nation.

Together with Dr. Hyun-Ok Kim and Agent Robert Dewitt, Ruyter proposed the formation of the Department of Procurement and Liquidation, which would act as the Foundation's arm for conducting semi-legitimate business, i.e. the purchase of anomalous objects and non-human entities in the event that more traditional containment methods could not be employed.

Since 1980, Site-106 has functioned as Procurement & Liquidation's headquarters; however, their agents operate internationally.



It was dark, but the setting sun allowed them to make out maybe half of the interior. One wall was dedicated entirely to literature, from novels to comic books, while a rack of clothing sat towards the center of the store. A milk crate marked "Half-Price!" sat on a table, with some ratty-looking plush animals sitting in it. There were some articles of taxidermy above the bookshelves, but beyond that, there was darkness.

Kim noticed a cord hanging from a light overhead. Pulling it revealed the rest of the store; more clothing, more toys, and towards the back, more expensive articles. Kitchenware, ranging from drinking glasses to baking sheets, a statuette of a cat that looked like it was straight out of Ancient Egypt, and a case full of jewelry.

Ruyter walked over to the crate of stuffed toys. He touched one of them with a single finger… and fell down, gasping in pain. The sensations he felt — oil and wetness, yes, but also a burning sensation, one he hadn't felt so severely since he was inducted into the Foundation. Hatred. Pure, burning hatred.

— from Just Another Shop That Wasn't There: The Founding of Procurement and Liquidation by Hubert Ruyter.



From the Desk of Director DeWitt

Re: Proposal concerning SCP-6237

In respect to the cascading rising costs of containment and the failure of infiltrations of SCP-6237-B, the Department of Procurement and Liquidation proposes the following action. SCP-6237-B is a publicly traded company; despite its anomalous aspects, it is as susceptible to economic strategies as are otherwise similar companies. Therefore:

Details of the Proposal:

  • The Department of Procurement and Liquidation will orchestrate a multi-tiered hostile takeover of ERS LLC shareholders, utilizing numerous shell companies, until controlling more than 51% of the shares;
  • Such action will allow the Department to control the Board of Directors and thus, the activities of SCP-6237-B.


  • Containment can shift from the disinformation campaign and its extensive costs – both in resources and personnel hours – to the modification of SCP-6237-B’s activities, to better serve the Veil;
  • With control of SCP-6237-B’s Board of Directors, the Foundation will have access to extensive ritual information and research which would benefit the containment efforts of unrelated anomalies connected to thaumaturgy and the occult.

— from SCP-6237: Oh, You Lucrative Devil


They were all having dinner together one night, as they always did, when he said apropos of nothing: "Are you FBI agents?"

He'd timed it so they were both about to take a bite; his mother had a French fry in one hand, his father had speared a chunk of chicken finger. Both morsels froze in place just inches from their faces as he tossed a fry to their dog, Prudence, who was waiting patiently on the tiled floor. She knew she didn't have to beg.

His mother spoke first. "You know we're not FBI agents."

— from Sunshine and Lucre: Growing Up in the Department by James Skeates


Rhys: It's… a contract.

Du Bois: For what?

Rhys: Hold on. 'By the power invested by those undersigned, the physical bearer of this contract holds sole ownership rights to… the State of Florida'? What?

— from SCP-6117: A Florida Woman


Anomalous effects of SCP-6530 infection show the following signs:

  • Subjects immediately exhibit reliance on online shopping, eschewing visiting stores in person, even when more convenient for personal necessity or when online prices are higher
  • Subjects exhibit conviction that fees connected with online shopping are more convenient than personal expenses attached to visiting stores in person1, even when such costs are cumulatively less than delivery fees
  • Subjects regularly purchase large quantities of items even when in excess of subject’s need for said item
  • Subjects consistently try to convince others that online shopping is more efficient and cost-effective, even when the facts are in contradiction
  • Subjects routinely spend leisure time scanning the reviews of items in online marketplaces and services
  • Subjects exhibit reliance on ordering food through delivery services, even when subject has experience preparing their own food and have excessive supplies of foodstuffs from their online orders

— from SCP-6530: Plus Shipping and Handling

Staffing Information

Site Director/Procurement and Liquidation Chief: Jean Skeates

On-Site Personnel: 153

Site-106's duties are almost exclusively devoted to the logistical operations of P&L, including planning travel itineraries, allocating funds, determining origins of anomalous items, and containing high-risk, high-value items. Staff defer to larger Sites in the region for major containment efforts.

P&L has four major sub-departments:

Acquisitions & Appropriations

Subdepartment Head: Richard Cavalieri

We're the legwork: the people who go to auctions, estate sales and Wal-Marts to prevent folks from buying anomalous kitsch. People in our group typically have training in various fields of appraisal (from paintings and pottery to trading cards and retro telephones) as well as antiquing, finances, marketing, and archaeology. With the advent of eBay and Amazon, our job's gotten both a lot easier and a lot harder; it used to be that you could go to an estate sale and buy someone's shrunken head collection for half their asking price, but now a shrunken head collection can fetch a few thousand online. We don't have to get up from our desks as much, but it's hard not to miss going out into the field sometimes.

Fun fact: supposedly, P&L was originally supposed to be Acquisitions and Liquidation, but a week before Ruyter put in the proposal for the department, someone else pinched the name. So now we're stuck sounding like a support group.


An art auction attended by P&L Agents, 2017. At least three objects on stage are anomalous.

Sourcing & Containment

Subdepartment Head: Noel Burgum

After A&A gets their loot, they send it to us. We're basically what happens if you locked a few dozen Antique's Roadshow appraisers in a room with a bunch of cursed relics; after we get over the fact that we're utterly terrified, we get to work trying to figure out who made them, what they are, where they came from. Sometimes it's as simple as scanning a barcode to get the item number from the database of a Sam's Club; other times, we have to call contacts from across the world to get them to figure out how the hell a cavalry saber becomes radioactive if held by someone who's French.

After the items are analyzed, they get tagged and put in one of our warehouses; we have three large, climate-controlled spaces in the Miami area. We store a little bit of everything— furniture, jewelry, toys, electronics… Warehouse 3 actually has a small greenhouse area, just in case we come upon some very hungry carnivorous plants.


P&L Warehouse 3, ground floor.

Negotiations & Legality

Subdepartment Head: Devon Farmer

More than once, we've had to buy more than a few trinkets from a junk shop. We've had to buy properties that had spectral infestation, or distribution rights to anomalous films, or entire corporations. N&L is here to facilitate that; we're the contract lawyers, the negotiators, the used car salesmen and the guys from Wall Street who were unfortunate enough to grow a conscience. We know the business, we know the rules, we know how to break them, and we're going to make damn sure that nobody else breaks 'em the way we do.


Surveillance photo of a house foreclosed upon by N&L, following manifestation of a second floor of the property (not visible from exterior).

Distribution & Liquidation

Subdepartment Head: Adeline Perrault

In simpler times, the Foundation occasionally allowed researchers to requisition relatively harmless SCP objects for personal use. It's a practice generally frowned upon these days, but D&L's requisitions system is something of a spiritual successor. Anomalous objects — items too simplistic and non-threatening for SCP designation — often have practical inter-Foundation uses, and we're responsible for seeing that they get used instead of just taking up space in one of our many, many warehouses. 106NET has a designated server allowing personnel from every Site, Area and Outpost to express interest in the items in our collections, and a budget-based auctioning system for determining who gets what. We're very popular at Christmas time.

D&L is also responsible for the decommissioning of anomalous objects, since the Decommissioning Department has much bigger fish to fry, goodwill item transfers to the Global Occult Coalition for destruction on their own terms, and the selling-off of non-anomalous assets generated by objects in containment.


D&L Fulfillment Centre 12, c. 1997.

Anomalous Item Requests

During its operations, the Foundation occasionally recovers low-risk, even beneficial, anomalous items. In some cases, these are allowed to be kept by individual members of staff, or left in common areas; some, such as SCP-458, have been given full SCP classification in the past.

In 2008, despite having three different containment warehouses, P&L began to run low on space. As the Foundation at the time lacked the ability to distort interior space to be greater than the exterior space, and several items were deemed to be unsuitable for further study, Site-106 began the process of physically neutralizing several items; this was soon found inadvisable, as several items produced hazardous waste products upon destruction.

As an alternative, P&L began taking requests from other Sites and Departments for the leasing of low-risk anomalous items to their possession for periods ranging from three months to an indefinite duration. The contract was written in August 2009; by the end of October, P&L's warehouses only contained high-risk anomalous items which had resulted in multiple injuries or deaths in the past.

This program has continued to the present day; a catalog of anomalous items in P&L's possession, and a standard form for requests, are available to Site and Department Directors throughout the Foundation. These operations are handled by Distribution and Liquidation; by request of Assistant Director Perrault, a representative sample of the items on offer has been provided below.

106NET: Internal Liquidation Catalogue [SELECTED]
Item #: AO-860572 Appellation: "Heffy"

Description: A small clay model of an unknown animal, with craftsmanship consistent with the efforts of a young child.

Provenance: Recovered from the home of one Billy Stokes, Findlay, Ohio. Subject was paid three dollars at a family garage sale.

Anomalous Nature: The object emits periodic trumpeting sounds when only in the presence of individuals possessing belief in supernatural phenomena — such as small children, or SCP Foundation personnel. These sounds have been proven to produce an anxiety-soothing effect similar to stroking a pet cat or dog.

I require this object. [M. Iverson — Human Resources, Site-55]
Requesting this item for a third party. [K. Elstrom — Administration and Oversight, Site-43]
Please [R. Capello — Site-17]
What's this kid's address [G. Chey, Humanoid and Animal Resources Management Authority]
Can we just requisition the kid [G. Chey, Humanoid and Animal Resources Management Authority]
No, you cannot just requisition a KID [J. Cimmerian, Ethics Committee]
I am also interested in this object. [J. Cimmerian, Ethics Committee]
Item #: AO-456234 Appellation: "Loonie Bank"

Description: A pine wood "still bank" or "money box" carved to resemble a specimen of the genus Gavia pacifica (Pacific loon).

Provenance: Purchased at a personal effects sale held at a farmer's market in Ajax, Ontario, Canada, for nine dollars.

Anomalous Nature: The object fills with non-anomalous coinage at a slow but regular rate; coinage is apparently ectoentropically-generated.

Officially requisitioning [R. Melbourne — Memetics Department, Site-87]
Noting that all coinage produced is Canadian. [Dir. J. Skeates — Procurement and Liquidation, Site-106]
Officially cancelling my requisition request [R. Melbourne — Memetics Department, Site-87]
Very interested. [P. McDoctorate — Pataphysics Department, Site-87]
Again noting that all coinage produced is Canadian. [Dir. J. Skeates — Procurement and Liquidation, Site-106]
Vending machine don't care! [P. McDoctorate — Pataphysics Department, Site-87]
Update: the item also generates, at extremely low frequency, other small metallic objects. [Dir. J. Skeates — Procurement and Liquidation, Site-106]
Like what? [P. McDoctorate — Pataphysics Department, Site-87]
Like disposable knife blades. [Dir. J. Skeates — Procurement and Liquidation, Site-106]
Like WHAT?! [P. McDoctorate — Pataphysics Department, Site-87]
Item #: AO-346 Appellation: "Screw Non-Driver"

Description: A metal tri-wing tip screwdriver with a plastic handle labelled "World's Worst Screwdrivr" [sic].

Provenance: Found during the liquidation of the anomalous Deephome Hardware retail chain operated by Atlantean expatriates on the eastern seaboard of the United States.

Anomalous Nature: The object cannot under any circumstances tighten a screw.

Any takers? [J. Skeates — Procurement and Liquidation, Site-106]
Anybody? [J. Skeates — Procurement and Liquidation, Site-106]
Who precisely do you imagine would want a thing like this? [A. Clef — Site-19]
I dunno, somebody who wants to fail to screw screws, I guess. [J. Skeates — Procurement and Liquidation, Site-106]
Actually, you know what? Sign me up… assuming the label can be scraped off. [A. Clef — Site-19]
You'd better not be getting me this for my birthday. [E. Mann — Site-19]
Well I'm definitely not NOW [A. Clef — Site-19]
It's a god damn TRI-WING, Alto. Exactly now much Game Boy repair do you think I do? [E. Mann — Site-19]
Maybe I don't like to overthink my pranks [A. Clef — Site-19]
Item #: AO-860573 Appellation: "Slithy"

Description: A small clay model of an unknown snake or invertebrate, with craftsmanship consistent with the efforts of a young child.

Provenance: Recovered from the home of one Billy Stokes, Findlay, Ohio. Subject was paid eleven dollars at a family garage sale.

Anomalous Nature: The object emits periodic hissing sounds consistent with those of a small snake.

I see Billy sensed an uptick in the market. [M. Iverson — Human Resources, Site-55]
Did you seriously let a small child out-negotiate you? [K. Elstrom — Administration and Oversight, Site-43]
Wouldn't worry about it. He's made two anomalous objects. Him and his fourteen bucks are going in a box now. [M. Iverson — Human Resources, Site-55]
Is it, like… soothing snake hissing? [G. Chey, Humanoid and Animal Resources Management Authority]
No. [Dir. J. Skeates — Procurement and Liquidation, Site-106]
It's just snake hissing. [Dir. J. Skeates — Procurement and Liquidation, Site-106]
What even is "soothing snake hissing"? [Dir. J. Skeates — Procurement and Liquidation, Site-106]
I dunno, I'm just worried I won't win Heffy [G. Chey, Humanoid and Animal Resources Management Authority]
Item #: AO-457832 Appellation: "Invisible Office"

Description: A roll of red single-sided tape, two millimetres in width.

Provenance: Acquired in bulk during acquisition of Prometheus Labs holdings.

Anomalous Nature: Lines of tape drawn on any floor surface will generate floor-to-ceiling walls two millimetres thick twenty minutes after application. Walls are invisible and offer the resistance and soundproofing effects of two millimetres of tin foil.

If you're still watching, Alto, I know what I want for my birthday. [E. Mann — Site-19]
I want it too. Halfsies? [A. Clef — Site-19]
You're on. [E. Mann — Site-19]

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